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  1. northern


    Really minty, some very slight floral softness, and something else that makes my throat close up and makes me want to cry. Interesting effect! It seems to have pretty okay staying power - no real change over an hour.
  2. northern

    Blood Kiss

    I'm trying Blood Kiss tonight, and I'm intrigued! A veil of bright cherry/strawberry just hiding something... interesting... That would be the vetiver and possibly some bitter almond. Reading about it, I see poppy, honey and vanilla is supposed to be in there, and when I think about it, I can feel the honey running through it all. No sign of the clove, or even musk, though. Unless it's hiding in the vetiver. Very cool, since I didn't think I could wear vetiver scents.
  3. northern


    Hmmm, I smell saffron right at first when I put it on. Then the warmth of amber, softening it. Possibly some cardamom and... I don't know, butter? Feels like it. Something very round and fat. Makes me think of brown, coarse bars of soap, luxuriantly scented. After a while: oh no... it's turned soapy in that sharp way on me. I'm so sad, because I so wanted to love this so much. I'll give it some more time, just to make sure. *waits* No, it's still a mix of the round, buttery smell and the soap. Gah. Okay.
  4. northern

    The Raven

    This has become one of my favourites. Violets, with something fiercer behind it. I associate it with twilight.
  5. northern

    Kweku Anansi

    I really like this one. Masculine, but not too masculine for me. Dark, yes, and always the pepper lying underneath it all. Green and murky, yet warm. While drying, I had a couple of moments when it seemed intensely citrusy, but that passed. The scent is still clear after 10 hours on me. Hints of pepper left, but mostly just a vague sense of dark and foreboding green moss-covered cave.
  6. northern


    I thought from the name this would be warm, powerful and spicy. Instead I found it cold and dark green. Almost unpleasant. Like murky, cold puddle water.
  7. northern

    Black Cat

    Well, I liked it fair enough when I put it on. Flowers, citrus and coconut. Smelled like a cat, yes. But after an hour or two, it's transformed into something vile, alcalic. Still some sort of flowers behind it, but the alcalic smell is so strong it almost makes me gag. I can't wait until my break when I can go and wash this off.