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  1. tigerlust


    "Thalia" This one was a frimp, muchas gracias! I like the way this one smells in the bottle, all pear and champagne sparkle. But almost immediately after I put it on, it was GONE!! Completely!! Very strange Oh well, I'll have to try this one another day. Maybe when my horrormones aren't so stirred up.
  2. tigerlust

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory CCLXXXIV (284) In the bottle: Hot Butter!! That's all, just butter. First 5 min: Butter, but better!! Florals of some kind are starting to peek out. After 30 min: The butter has faded and the florals are coming out stronger now. I'm also getting what I believe to be sandalwood!! The more I sniff, the more I'm falling in love!! After 1 hour: The sandalwood is fading a little. The butter smell is completely gone, but has left a woodsy, smokey earthiness!! I'm also getting a stronger floral popping, like violet or something "purple" like that. After 2 hours: Cherry Tobacco!! It reminds me of the pipe tobacco blend my Daddy used to smoke!! Oh my god do I love this !! I'm soooo glad I ordered this!! It is truely a unique, "Butterfly Effect" blend!! Beth, you are a GENIUS!! (But we all know that already)
  3. tigerlust


    Siren In the imp I can def smell the apricot. I'm not sure I like that. Smells too sweet. But then on, oooh! this is nice!! I can smell every note mentioned! The wh ginger, jasmine, vanilla & then the apricot just underneath it all. It's almost bubbly to me! All these notes are loving my skin too! Yeah! Later on, it's going all incensy on me I only get a little of the vanilla and ginger, but I like that!! It makes me feel....SASSY!!!
  4. tigerlust

    Dana O'Shee

    Dana O Shea Love it!! Soft, ginger, milk & oatmeal!! Reminds me of Sudha Segara, which I also love! I'll have to wear that one again & compare. I'm all into the creamy, gingery, sweet fragrances lately!! Yummm
  5. tigerlust


    Kali was the lucky 1st imp to try from my lateset order. OH MY..... This is a very complicated scent to me! It goes on very floral, the lotus really stands out the most to me, but wait, there's the ginger and the milky rose. Very floral, very feminin, lovely, just lovely! This one's morphing quickly!! Now, only 15 minutes later I can definately smell the honey. It's all creamy, gingery springtime blossoms. I'm really liking this! Morphing still, after about an hour, one whiff I get ginger, the next I get the blossoms. The milk rose & honey are peeking out just beneath. It's getting REALLY sweet now. It's making my teeth hurt to sniff my wrists, but I can't help myself! It's just intoxicating to me! After about 3 hours it's starting to calm down now, not so syrupy sweet. More lovely florals and ginger with a creamyness to it. I never get any of the red wine, chocolate or balsam. I think I'm getting the tobacco on the edge. I love this!! I really do, it's Lovely, just Lovely!!
  6. tigerlust


    Absinthe: This was a freebie from the lab so that makes it even more special! In the bottle it smells boozy and like a man's cologne Iv'e smelled before. On my skin, at first I smell something fruity, like sparkly lemon and pineapple! Weird! But then the anise and lemon come out and really strong, and that's all I smell I don't really know what any of the notes should smell like except mint and I don't get any of that But I'm really liking this more with each stage! As it dries down it mellows quite a bit and the lemon calms down a bit. It's now got a very feminine happy smell! Absinthe is a lovley scent, but there's one flaw with this one, it fades too quickly!!
  7. tigerlust


    Spooky. I have to say the name fits! In the bottle; smells good enought to drink!! It smells like a toddy I make in the winter called a peppermint patty, it's just hot cocoa with a healthy shot of peppermint schnapps!! I sooooo wanted it to smell that good on me, and it did! for about a minute. Then I get that plasticy smell that others have mentioned! I'm so glad to know it's not just my stupid chemistry . That fakey smell is all I get for another 2or 3 hours. Then, after spooky has all but faded completely away, I get the coconuty sweet minty aroma I was hoping for all along!! Only now I can hardly smell it This is a spooky fragrance! I like the very beginning and the very end. I'll just have to endure the middle part which is hard to do!!
  8. tigerlust


    Jezebel, ooooo, at first application, wow, this is really sweet and full of orange!! But after a short while the sweetness calms a little and I can smell the roses trying to find their way out. I still smell lots of orange, but it's not as strong. I am sooo liking this!! Now, drying, I can pick out the sandalwood wafting out amidst the roses and honeyed oranges. It's almost powdery on me, which I like very much! This will definately go on my bigger bottle wishlist!!!
  9. tigerlust

    The Star

    "The Star" (Tarot Oil) They all smell good in the bottle! And very different on, so here's my opinion. At first on, I smell cinamonny-peppermint! Spicey, with a hint of coconut. After about 30 minutes it goes to a lovely warm sweet coconut. I've already had several compliments on this!! I don't really smell anything like citrus (which likes my chem), but more coconuty mint which also apparently likes my chem. I am loving this one!! After a couple of hours it still smells wonderful, but it's fading quickly. That's okay cuz I don't mind applying more! I think this one will require a larger bottle!!
  10. tigerlust


    Saint Germain - I love this! This was a wonderful freebie with my last order and it is an instant favorite !! Although like so many of the precious, I smell totally different notes than most of the reveiws. I do smell the lavender in the imp, but it doesn't smell masculine at all to me! It smells like creamy coconut on me quite quickly which I am loving !! This will definately be a bigger bottle as soon as I can afford it that is!!
  11. tigerlust


    Malice - I so wanted this to love my skin, but sadly it does not I love all the notes, and in the imp I just knew I would love it, but it turns sickly perfumy on me very quickly. I will use the imp as a room smellum good though, so I can still enjoy it (And like so many other wonderful smellies, if they don't work with my kooky chemistry, I can allways layer it with my beloved "O" and I smell yummy again )
  12. tigerlust


    A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk. I adore this one! I also love the ambers, musks & resins and they love me!! This one dries to a lovely powdery, musky scent and I smell a faint hint of coconut. I feel sooo sexxyyy!!! I only wish my skin wouldn't love it so much as to eat it up though But that's okay, I'll just have to keep gettinig more & more
  13. tigerlust


    This is my first review,so bear with me; only because it's hard for my nose to detect distictive scents; but here goes: Out of the bottle it smells wonderful, intreaging; but then ALL of these wonderful oils do. On me first I smell cocoanut!, ever so lightly, but blends well with a kind of smokey, light resiney air. Dry down: I still smell the cocoanut, but with a fresh powdery smell. I am lovin' this one!! My only regret is; like so many; it doesn't last long enough on me for me to enjoy ! That's o.k. I love reapplying!! It gives me a new wonderful attitude, no matter what disturbances might intrude!! This is my first sample of my 2nd order of 12 imps (with many generous additions ), so I can hardly wait for a new day to endulge in another decadance!! I might just have to get more of this!!