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  1. xochitl

    Golden Priapus

    This was a surprise gift from the lab, and when I say surprise, I mean it! To me it belies its name - I never would have guessed it as a masculine scent. Surprise number two was that it is a resinous scent that actually works on me. Must be the vanilla. Surprise out of the way, it is a beautiful, golden scent. The first note is the pine everyone keeps talking about, but on me that fades quickly. It warms into a lovely, soft vanilla with a twist. (The amber, which keeps the vanilla golden.) I love it and will certainly buy a bigger bottle, and I will certainly NOT be sharing it with my husband. I'm not cool enough to tell people what I'm wearing without giggling, though.
  2. xochitl


    When I got my PBAL package today, the first thing I did was rip it open and douse myself in Spooky. I've been sitting here in the scent cloud for a while, breathing in the heady loveliness, and boy am I glad I got to buy a bottle of this. Minty goodness, with chocolate and a dab of coconut to spare. I'm not getting any rum, but it's so good, I don't care! This smells like something the Girl Scouts would sell in the form of a cookie, but I'd rather wear it any day!
  3. xochitl


    Mostly I get the patchouli and musk out of this, but the neroli and vanilla sweeten it up a lot. I like it - it is such a blend of oils that I can hardly discern any single notes out of it. It dries down to almost all musk, but it is still a little sweet. Nice. The sweetness and musk/patchouli combination almost give it an amber-y effect. If the notes weren't listed I'd swear it had amber in it.
  4. Yeah, they really do. All the dream oils seem to have quite a lot of lavender in them, as a matter of fact, so I think if you took a bath in WND or the Lavender Blissard ballistic and then layered it with one of the dream oils, you might not make it to the bed! Really? I never in a million years would have put those two together. I guess you really like the combo, yeah?
  5. xochitl


    This is a lovely scent on my skin, just shy of being a "I love it" it is more a "Like it but don't need it." The chocolate and musk blend beautifully and the juniper berry lingers for a long time on my skin, giving the musky blend a brighter note that I like. I think it is this slight "lift" that makes me like it so much. I'm not sure what it would take to make me go over the top on this one. Nice. Not great.
  6. xochitl

    Centzon Totochtin

    I can definitely smell cocoa, wine, and blood in this. And each scent is good, but they never combine into a complete scent on me. After an hour or so, this scent is nonexistant on my skin except for a vague powdery whiff of bloody cocoa. Not my favorite scent, but interesting nonetheless.
  7. xochitl

    Baba Yaga

    This is a gorgeous scent. I'm so glad I managed to get it in one of my orders. I would buy this in a heartbeat. It is very sweet and slightly fruity. I can't put my finger on a specific fruit (like pineapple) but it is tart and sweet like a pineapple. I love it. It has a slight musky drydown on me that doesn't negatively affect my opinion of it. (With some scents it does!)
  8. xochitl


    Definitely Penthus. It's good. And if you look around the swap thread and can get ahold of a DC'd scent called Tears, you'll probably enjoy that too. Tracking that one down might be a long term goal!
  9. xochitl


    Dorian - my new love. The musks are indeed very pale and do not overwhelm the scents of vanilla or tea. They all mingle to make a lovely mellow, sweet scent that leaves me smelling my wrists all day. Another big bottle purchase to be sure.
  10. xochitl


    Sweet butter. Loveley. And foody! I happen to know someone who tried this and it smelled extremely coconuty on her, so if you like sweet butter OR coconut, try it! I can't get a coconut scent on me at all, but the rum goodness works for me. A big bottle, most definitely.
  11. xochitl

    Dana O'Shee

    I love this. I LOVE Dana O'Shee and I regret waiting this long to try it. It is sweet and the almond note is just a little stronger, making this a wonderful symphony of notes. Simple, but beautiful and elegant.
  12. xochitl


    OH! Oh, my. The description of this sounds so wonderful. And on me it is pesticide. STRONG pesticide. And every single note usually works on me, but together, in this blend, no way.
  13. xochitl

    Wolf Moon 2004

    This is good. I like this. But I haven't been disappointed by a Lunacy blend yet. This is Harvest Moon's musky, aquatic sister. Aquatic, but somehow inviting, not cold or as crystalline (on me) as Frost Moon or Cold Moon.
  14. xochitl


    How lucky am I that in my last order I haven't found one scent that I don't like? Hellfire is another one that I will have to order a 5 ml of, pronto. The incense and musk, perhaps with the addition of pipe tobacco, give Hellfire its sweetness that I adore. Layered with the leather, however, this one turns naughty and seductive. Immediately bumped de Sade and Perversion out of their top 2 leather slots.
  15. xochitl


    Rose Red. Moon Rose. Havisham (wich indeed smells rosy to me). Black Rose. Maiden. All rose scents. All lovely. Whip is the perfect rose scent. I will never be without it and my search for the signature rose has come to an end. Perfect.