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    When All Colors to Black Are Cast

    When i first got this i didn't like it at all. I thought it was sharp, sour and weird and so overwhelming i had to wash it off. But I'm so happy i put it away to age! I decided to try again and i was worried at first but in just a few minutes it changed to something amazing and now i can't stop sniffing my wrist. It's mysterious, dark, expensive berry scent, perfect for dark fall and winter days. Im ready for them now! Just beautiful 💜
  2. m.valor


    This is one of my day-time regulars. It's beautiful and delicious and not too provoking to use when running errands or meeting people for the first time, but it's interesting enough so it gets a lot of compliments and people want to know what I'm wearing. On me it's chocolate covered cherries, the chocolate is a dark a little bitter which is good because the cherries are sweet, maybe even cherry candy. On me it lasts all day and has a moderate throw I love it, can't believe it's not getting more love ❤
  3. m.valor

    Do You Like Clowns?

    I tried a tiniest drop an boom RASPBERRY!! After 2 hours it becomes raspberry ice cream but at first it's a huge bush of fresh tart raspberries. No cherry lip gloss for me. I love this when it becomes ice cream, I don't mind the fresh raspberry scent but it's really strong so I'm thinking it might be too much for sensitive people around me. I did try this right after I got it so maybe it changes when it settles but I hope not too much. I really don't like clowns but I love this!
  4. m.valor

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    I found BPAL because I was looking for a lemon perfume. I had never smelled one before but have always thought lemon smells amazing. This is even better than I ever could imagine.. it's real lemon, nothing artificial but somehow even better than real lemons. I was worried the sugar might make it too sweet but it doesn't, it's like lemon candy but somehow 'adult' sweet. Love this ❤
  5. m.valor

    House of Unquenchable Fire Atmosphere Spray

    When I was a teenager I used to buy insence sticks from this really small shop in old wooden building. They sold the sticks from a wooden rack and they were not covered so they all mixed up and made this perfect scent I loved so much, I tried to do it for my room and bought 2 of each sticks and put them in my room. But it didn't work for me and I never got the scent home with me... until now! This is exactly the same and I love it so much ❤ I ordered 2 more bottles and feel afraid I will run out of it someday forever. A part of me doesn't want to tell you how perfect it is so I could keep buying it until it's sold Our, but since I seem to like you folks I'll have to risk it