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    Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan

    Leather, black pepper, cassis, khus, and black amber. My first review! And the first review of this scent! Im truly honored. The leather comes through first, then dies back a little while still acting as backdrop. Its an older kind of leather, well worn - it reminds me of baseball gloves or saddles. The amber fills that feeling out, as well as what I think is the khus (which is apparently vetiver? But a different part of the plant?); it rounds the leather note out and puts me in mind of more masculine cologne, though it stops short of being too in your face manly. At the very end I get something peppery and slightly acidic - the latter of which I think is the cassis. Its got a subtle throw on my skin that oscillates between being close and unobtrusive but when I turn it suddenly makes itself very apparent. I feel very mature wearing it as well, though its a kind of mature that starts in a blazer and ends in a leather corset, if you catch my meaning.