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    Noir, Queen of Spades, Blood, Hecate, Hamadryad, Dragon's Blood, Old Glasgow, Samhain, All Saints, June Gloom, Phantom Queen, Jack II, Blood Countess, Midwinter's Eve, Whip

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    Capricorn, rising Saggitarius. Born in the year of the Dog under the element of Water in the hour of the Tiger. (Talk about overloading on unnecessary information)
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  1. silverangel

    Wolf Moon 2004

    Wow, I am loving Beth's winter Moons! Cold moon was the first that I know I won't swap, this makes the second. It's aquatic, but dark and gloomy. It definitely has the feeling of snow melting and mixing with other things on its way down to the sewers. I smell herbs, what herbs I couldn't tell you but herbs nonetheless. And I get none of this piney wood smell so many others got, and THANK GOD! I adore this, and pine would have killed the whole thing for me. Mmmm, into the box with the other keepers you go!
  2. silverangel

    The Hesperides

    Oh boy, all apple all the time and I love it! the other notes are faint, mingling in the background, and the apple is up front going "Show me love!" must get bigger bottle....
  3. silverangel


    by far my favorite Norn, this has to be a big bottle! It's mostly apple and amber which completely makes my day! And then there's the herbs backing it, making it a deeper scent. It's absolutely gorgeous! This is the apple scent I've been waiting for!
  4. silverangel


    At first this is WAY too sweet. It needs to calm down or I will get a cavity from sniffing it. As it dries it mellows and becomes a gorgeous sweet scent, mostly it's the ylangylang I smell, I think. I love this when it dries, but can I stand it while it's wet is the question.
  5. silverangel


    I really really wanted to love Fate, because, well, it's Fate! There's something kind of juicy in here, which I love, but me and the patchouli are not getting along and I really should give up on making our relationship last. sigh.
  6. silverangel

    Pumpkin King

    this is pretty but NOT my favorite pumpkin scent. It's a rich, spicy pumpkin, but there's something dark, incensy and animal lurking in the bakground that ruins it for me. It's like when a pumpkin first starts rotting but you don't notice it yet. Lovely image, eh?
  7. silverangel


    Just like Thalia, I'm glad I bought a bottle right off the bat. This is a glorious peach wine and musk scent. Can white musk do no wrong? apparently not with me! It's a sunny, glistening scent, like the bit of light sparkling in dew. And as time goes on there's my amber...not sure what myrtle smells like but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the background, because there's the faint hint of something I don't recognize. I can't wait for my bottle of Euphrosyne to come with Storm moon now, I adore the graces!
  8. silverangel


    Wow, this is gorgeous! No regrets buying a bottle right off the bat, that's for sure. When wet this is ALL pear and plumeria. It's soft and delicate and glistening. As the oil dries down the wine starts peaking it's head out, never enough to overwhelm, just enough to be a backing note, adding depth and character. Good cheer, no kidding, it's hard to be mopey wearing this!
  9. I'm also a clove freak. My favorites with clove: Blood: pretty equal mix of clove and cherry on me Three Witches:mmmm Sybaris: oh how I love thee I have wrath and Ingenue but haven't tried them yet. I couldn't smell clove at all in Blood Kiss, Malice, or Voodoo; and barely in Phantom Queen and Seraglio. Does Kabuki even have clove in it? I don't think it does. But that was WAY sacchrine sweet on me anyway.
  10. I don't put enough on to have throw...but remember, throw has more to do with the person and how much they put on than the oil I think. If you are warmer/hot the scent will have more throw, if you're cold there will be little to no throw.
  11. silverangel

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    Sweet and fruity. Does this have dragon's blood in it? very slight cinnamon scent to it as well. Very delicious. There's a bit of vanilla and a bit of floral. This reminds me of Dragon's Milk as well. I am in love, again.
  12. silverangel


    wow. Instant love! It's all Amber and Dragon's Blood with some mandarin and currant and it's AMAZING. Sweet, seductive, powerful. Must have more!
  13. silverangel


    Smells a bit cedary to me. Maybe it's the vetivert? This is uber earthy, reminds me of Capricorn. It's deep, it makes me think of the earth, of nature, of the Goddess. But this isn't me.
  14. silverangel


    Very, very green and very earthy. It's a bit overpowering for me though. It's kind of got a punch to it which is a bit more punch than I need...or eve maybe than I derseve. It kind of has that thing where it lingers in my nostrils. Kind of like when you've been inhaling bleach fumes and then after when you're in fresh air you seem to breathe bleach still.
  15. silverangel

    Black Phoenix

    Deep smoky cherry and berries! I am SO in love! Why did I not order the lab's signature scent in my very first order anyway? I adore glampyre for sending me this as part of my swap faery pressie. (I think that's who sent it to me. if i'm wrong then it was kate). Anyway, whoever sent it to me...WOOHOO thanks! Smells SOOO good, deep, dark club kind of scent. The kind of scent you wear when you're on the prowl, wearing a short skirt with nothing underneath it and looking for someone to pull into a dark corner and have your way with.