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  1. BubbleDragon

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I'd like to note that those wand caps are wonderful. I lurv the ones I ordered, and they were reasonably inexpensive, so I bought a whole lot to have on hand. I'm finally able to apply nicely. Though I'm thinking that if you got some glass stirring rods (plastic melts... eep) you could get a drop or two from on top of the orifice reducer. Those things just don't work right for me for whatever reason. I left one on my mabon because I like to drip just a bit into lotion, but I think I'm going to pick up pipettes or droppers for that now. ~bubbles
  2. BubbleDragon

    How long do bottles & imps last?

    I agree with the lotion idea. I used only about two drops of Mabon in two ounces of lotion, and it lasted me a week of putting it literally all over my skin. I used it after showers, during the day, everywhere. It was lovely. You might want to check the lotion thread, though - DarkSwan posted some very important bacteria issues we should all be aware of. ~bubbles
  3. BubbleDragon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    (Just a quick note, all - I haven't gotten any orders) My Harvest moon has a purple border, and my Mabon has a red border. Each has a little symbol - Harvest Moon has a little blue moon, and Mabon has a "T" looking symbol that probably means a lot more to the Wiccans around. ~bubbles
  4. BubbleDragon

    Formula 54

    This is by far my absolute favorite blend. But I don't get bubblegum out of it at all. I get a small bit of clove, some leather, and maybe a bit of alcohol. To me, this is a sophisticated woman reclining on a shiny, plush leather chair in a library, with a bit of alcohol on ice. Maybe a bit of dried florals, but nothing too heady. Oh, and just a whiff of smoke, but nice cigar smoke, not "I just came home from a bar" smoke. I feel so proper and beautiful when I wear this. And it doesn't take a whole lot, though I'm not sure of the 'throw' - I haven't had anyone mention it (good or bad) yet. This will forever be my favorite BPAL. Thank you Beth. It's wonderful, and the bottle is great, too! I wish there were an easier way to applicate - I'm using a little glass wand to catch just a dab right now. ~bubbles
  5. Peppermint and lavendar are great for me. Usually I only go with the peppermint, since the only lavendar I have is from Bath and Body works roll-on headache releif applicator. Before that, I used a little dram vial of peppermint candy flavoring on my forehead. I'll reiterate everyone else on this - miracle. I get about 2 a week, and I had one so badly last week that it took two zomigs, peppermint, multiple upheavals of the lonely apple I'd managed to eat, and a near trip to the emergency room. I was wearing Lampades - I can't decide if that prompted it or not, but I'm traumatized now, so I can't have any more of it. Blech. There's also those "Migraine Ice" pads that are basically some sort of menthol gel on cotton that you stick to your head. Which is all well and good... unless you need to go to class or be in a meeting or something. Then the peppermint is at least a little less obtrusive. ~bubbles
  6. BubbleDragon

    The search for "Clean" scents - general discussion

    My favorite treat after a shower is to coat myself with a little bit of lotion I made with Mabon. For some reason, this makes it a whole lot 'fresher' and more flowery than the berries that come out when I put it in a wax burner. Go figure. I love it. Alice or Maiden might also be nice - they're light, fresh, girly scents. Non-BPAL wise, I really like the smell of 'Body' by Victoria secret. (Not the perfume spray, way too alcoholy strong) But the body wash and lotion are super nice and not overpowering at all. Probably a little too expensive for me, but my mother gave them to me from a Christmas gift she got after she had a nasty reaction and needed steroids. Yuck. ~bubbles
  7. BubbleDragon

    Mabon 2004

    I don't get pumpkin out of this, though I wish I did. Instead I get a nice spicy (somewhat cidery) berry scent. It's beautiful, it really is. But it's not what I like to be wearing as a perfume (I've come to accept I'm mostly a floral girl, sometimes resiny-amber.) However - Mabon is absolutely the perfect room scent. I really do like foody smells in scented candles, so I tried this out with a wax burner. *drools* I will definately enjoy this all fall. So wonderful. ETA: Whoever said Mabon makes a great lotion scent was right on the nose! I mixed up a little batch of unscented cheap lotion and just a few drops of Mabon and it's glorious. Now I definately know I'll use all this up and love every minute! *grin* ~bubbles
  8. BubbleDragon

    Harvest Moon 2004

    I've been trying to love Harvest Moon. In fact, in the bottle, I do. It's beautiful, and I want to eat it. But it disappears on me 5 minutes after I apply it. I can smell beautiful florals if I really bury my nose into my wrist. Which is sad, because it starts off so warm and creamy on me. It makes me wish I had one of those wax burner things to scent a room with. Of course... I could just keep slathering myself with it and hope the scent hangs around a little longer, since 5 ml is a lot! I'll chalk it up to my body chemistry and hope it loves me more. ~bubbles
  9. BubbleDragon

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Well, technically, V is labio-dental. ;o)
  10. BubbleDragon

    The Raven

    I can see how you can get Mr. Bubbles out of this one, but to me, it reminds me of France. A little french town by the sea with a lovely wall. Or maybe a brick street in Paris, with little candy shops. (It reminds me of this because I somehow found a package of voilet candies when I was in France. They weren't tasty, but they sure did smell good while I toted them all around.) I defiantely got violet, violet, violet out of this at first, but now that it's drying down and settling in a bit, I think I can pick out a few spicier notes. I'm very much falling in love with this one, but it reminds me of a little girl's perfume. Won't wear it much, because I think I'll get bad reactions from it. But I do so love it. It makes me feel young and happy, and it's such a soft, fuzzy scent. Can't... stop.... sniffing. Mmm. ~bubbles
  11. BubbleDragon

    Snake Oil

    I. Love. This. Scent. The first time I put it on, I just got a wafting baby-powder scent (which was just fine by me, I actually liked it.) I wore it a few more times, and the vanilla slowly oozed out, but with a background of those lovely spices everyone talks about, though still a bit powdery. This isn't a sexy scent to me - it's actually very calming, and makes me want to curl up in a blanket beside a fire. I had it on my wrists and while using my laptop, it must have rubbed into the wrist-rest... so now when I open up the laptop, all the nummy smells come out. I'm very glad my lovely swapper gave me a bonus imp of this, even though I have one placed in my first order, as I expect to be using this one a lot. This may very well be my first 5 ml of a non LE scent. ~bubbles
  12. BubbleDragon


    I just got this one out. From the imp, it just smells overwhelmingly incense-y to me. (Ave maria gratia plena does this to me as well.) When I put it on, it actually reminds very strongly of a solid perfume I got when I was in France - I think that's the lotus in it. I'm new, so I couldn't point out jasmine vs. lime vs. lotus. It's much too strong of a scent for me, and complex in that mysterious way that makes it not good as a perfume (at least to me). It reminds me of the local head shop for some reason - incense and tie-dye. This is definately not a keeper for me, though it is an inherintly nice scent, just not my style. Feeling like I smell like a head shop in an IT/business/hospital setting just doesn't jive. ~bubbles
  13. BubbleDragon

    The World

    First sniff: Ack - something is a really high scent in this. I don't spell the cinnamon at all! Not quite right. But I'll try it. Later: Still too high - I agree with the comment about pencil shavings. Very green and woody, and not me at all. This is the first oil I've sampled that gave me a headache. *pout* Which is sad because the World is one of my favorite cards - I can see, though, how the blend is the perfect... 'personification' for the card. This might make a good sachet for my underwear drawer or a nice linen spray, but it is definately to high and greenish for me to actually wear. Ahh, headachey. ~bubbles
  14. BubbleDragon

    Where is this scent?

    Could it be Jailbait, as mentioned recently?
  15. BubbleDragon

    How to remove scents from your skin

    Not only with these oils but also any perfume in general - I get terrible awful migraines - not usually triggered by scents (though sometimes). But once it is triggered, scent kills me (even something innocuous like bread will make me nauseous). What's a good way to get smell from myself - just plain water? Soap and water (usually, soap won't bother me, just overly floral, spicy, or foody scents)? Alcohol wipes? I dunno. Oh... and by the way - peppermint oil is my GODSEND when I've got a headache. It helps while the meds kick in. *mwa* *mwa*