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  1. poisons_sanity

    Quincey Morris

    This smells exactly what the description says it is. I can pick out every single note. It's leathery, but very sweet at the same time. I think I will force give this to my boyfriend. It's a good manly scent, but still sweet enough to be feminine, too.
  2. poisons_sanity

    Love's Philosophy

    I too, get a bit of the mint. It's a very creamy mint, though. I was just hoping my skin didn't amp it up. Fortunately it didn't. After it dried, it turned into a really nice creamy-smokey scent. This would be what Antique Lace mixed with Black Opal would smell like.
  3. poisons_sanity


    Oh wow, what an unbelievably sexy scent. It's sweet and spicy, but also pretty light and refreshing at the same time. It also smells Egyptian, I don't know how to explain it. I'm definitely getting a 5 ML of this one.
  4. poisons_sanity

    Wulric, the Wolfman (2006)

    I would love this scent if it wasn't for the lavender. I like all of the other notes, the cocoa and vanillia. But, I think the Lavender just makes it really smell "off" to me.
  5. poisons_sanity

    King Cobra (2006)

    King Cobra smells exactly like it's description. Snake Oil with incense. It also smells kind of like aged Snake Oil.
  6. poisons_sanity


    She is tearful and dejected: her lover has broken a promise, and did not arrive for their tryst. She feels that she has been deceived, and her heart is volleyed from misery, to anger, to resentment: benzoin, Greek sage, hay, melaleuca ericifolia, oakmoss, and blue chamomile. I don't get any of the sweetness people are talking about. I get a powdery herbal scent. Almost aquatic. It mostly smells like damp sage to me, with a llliiiiiiiiiiiiittle tiny bit of oakmoss lurking in the background. I probably wouldn't be able to detect the oakmoss without already knowing it as a note.
  7. poisons_sanity


    Cathode smells a little like Absinthe to me. A more soft, feminine Absinthe. I don't like mint scents so much, but the moss rounds it out very nicely so that it is a smooth, soft scent.
  8. poisons_sanity


    Oh man. Totally awesome. Does anyone ever use any Goth Rosary? Because this smells just like her Fairy Wings scent. I smell the Plum and berry scent, but I don't get too much of the amaretto when I first put it on. After it dries for a few hours, I can smell the amaretto now, and it overtakes the fruits, making it a very warm fruity scent.
  9. poisons_sanity

    De Sade

    I was afraid to get this because I'm not sure if I wanted to smell like raw leather. But I had to get it, because I LOVE the Marquis. I am so glad I did. I love it. It doesn't smell like pure leather, it smells like warm, worn, slighty sweet leather. It reminds me a lot of the pirate scents, like Jolly Roger.
  10. poisons_sanity

    Has No Hanna

    Am I the only one getting a watery scent here? This smells very much like Lady of Shallott to me. Lots of florals, but also lots of aquatic notes. I like it a lot. A lot more than I thought I would. I wore it for an interview today for the good luck factor... but I don't think I got the job.
  11. poisons_sanity

    Three Witches

    I got this as a frimp, so I didn't know what the description was before I tried it. I knew that it smelled like some sort of candy that I've had before and I couldn't figure it out for about a half hour. Then I realized.... this smells exactly like Big Red gum.
  12. poisons_sanity


    I smell mostly passion fruit in this, first off. After wearing it for a bit it smells more like grapefruit. I like how it is so sharp and crisp. Unfortunately, this turns to soap on me very fast.
  13. poisons_sanity


    I wanted to like this scent. I realllly wanted to. But.... all I can smell is Lowe's or Home Depot.
  14. poisons_sanity

    Temperature and BPAL

    I would say it is safe to store in a fridge. I know a lot of girls that do that with their BPALs to keep them fresh for swapping.
  15. poisons_sanity

    Calico Jack

    This is kind of a warm cool scent. It's cool because of the aquatics, but the leather warms it up. It reminds me a bit of Jolly Roger, but it also kind of reminds me of an aquatic man's cologne. Sort of a mix between the two.