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    Alternative Facts

    Wow, its interesting how body chemistry plays a role in a fragrance. For me the "fog" note is very dominant. When I first applied this I recognized the note, but had trouble placing it. Finally, I realized it is reminiscent of a haunted walk/house. They often have fog machines which give off a distinctive smell. So, yes, definitely a "fog" note. There is also a sweetness to Alternative Facts which is probably the vanilla, cherry and lemon trying to peak through. Mostly though it is a fragrant damp fog smell. Its very pretty, but on me its starting to go dryer sheet. Most aquatic notes do that on me. My skin amps them and turns them to dryer sheets. Fingers crossed that this doesn't go there, because I kinda like the quirkiness of that fog note in a perfume. To be fair, this only arrived in the mail a few days ago, so I'll have to revisit it in a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference. As for potency. I put a few drops in a little lotion and applied to my hands. A few minutes later my fiancé asked me if I'd lit a candle. He usually can't smell anything, so there's that. I'm only getting wafts of it here and there, but he noticed it immediately.