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    Loves: woods, incense, resins, green/herbal notes, leather, smoke, tobacco, and vanilla. All of the heavy, spicy things. Not so much: gourmands, white florals, lavender, ambergris, some fruits. I like the idea of rose, but it rarely works on me!

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  1. apackofcoyotes

    Theoi Nomioi

    Freshly applied, this is all lemongrass and pine. A little sharp, like crisp pine needles and frozen sap in winter. As it dries, it becomes softer, sweeter, and more herbal, evoking wildflowers and dry grasses and cold water. Those pine and tree sap notes are still there, but they're not at the forefront anymore. To me, this is early spring in the alpine, when the flowers are starting to bloom but the snow is still melting. Very nice, and very appropriate for the rogue rangers!