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    Temporarily Out of Stock Notice

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    Technical Issues

    Hello BPAL family!! This is Stephanie from Customer Service popping in the forums to let everyone be aware of a situation. We have been experiencing some glitches on the site. Turns out many many many scents that are in Memoriam do not want to stay there and keep popping back up as available for purchase! This includes Liliths, Unicorns, Weenies, & Yules 2016, and some GCs. Sadly if you have seen them as available and made a purchase please be aware that you will be contacted by us in Customer Service in regards to a lack of components that prevent us from fulfilling your order. So if you do see a scent with a tag "In Memoriam" listed as available please know that it is a site glitch and we do not actually have it at this time. Our amazing and wonderful site designers are hard at work trying to fix the issue. We do apologize for all the confusion but if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate contacting Customer Service!
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    How to write your order

    UPDATE on PayPal orders!! Due to combined notification from PayPal orders and BPAL orders paid through PayPal we are constantly overwhelmed with hundreds of notifications daily. Due to this issue we kindly request that PayPal orders are discontinued unless conversed with Customer Service prior to placing an order. Thank you all for your patience during this time of adjustment! -Customer Service-
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    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    Hi! Customer Service: answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com is still the email to contact
  5. Hello BPALers!! For preparation of DragonCon we have received questions as to what we’re bringing so tighten your saddles and grab those reigns because here is a list of what we will be bringing!! In addition to the General Catalogue and Collaborations we will be bringing: Peaches I Peaches II Peaches III Peaches IV Peaches V Peaches VI Peaches VII A King Pursued by a Unicorn Allegory of Chastity Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn Bestiaire du Moyen Age Bitches Love Unicorns Boticelli’s Unicorn The Creation Curcifixtion De Vos’ Unicorn Mythological Scene, with a Warrior Addressing a Lady Outside a Classical Mansion, Two Maidens Riding Unicorns Behind Of the Unicorn Orpheus Charming Animals The Silence of the Woods St. Clare The Unicorn, Rushing Against the Tree, Fixed its Horn so Fast in the Trunk that it Could Not Draw it Out Unicorn Hunt The Union of Adam and Eve The Virgin and the Unicorn Wild Woman with Unicorn Single Note: French Vanilla Moons of Jupiter: Themisto Virgo We are looking forward to meeting everyone!!