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  1. baconpancakes

    Beanman and Beanwoman Climb Genital Mountains

    though all of the notes sounded intriguing to me, i was a little unsure when i first opened the bottle. i was overwhelmed by the intensity of the sweet in-your-face hazelnut, woody vetiver, and sharp booze notes, almost like uncorking a fancy aged scotch... but now that it's had time to settle, i can't get enough! it's such a well-balanced scent; i can smell each of the notes and they all work so well together! on me it's mostly rich, sexy smoke and leather... the hazelnut and honey making the leather almost buttery makes me feel all rugged and manly. i'm really starting to think i need another bottle!
  2. baconpancakes


    i was lucky enough to receive a frimp of this recently, and oh my god, it's so amazing! when i first open the imp, it smells sweet and citrusy, like lemon cake batter. it's slightly less sweet when i first put it on, and immediately notice the spices (nutmeg and cinnamon, particularly, maybe a bit of cardamom and clove?). it also smells buttery and creamy! as it dries down, i get some sort of smokiness coming through, though i'm not sure what it is, as well as more spices. it's nice! reminds me of a crackling fire inside a wood stove. overall this scent is so cozy and comforting... to me, it brings to mind a cool late spring night, sipping tea and eating a warm slice of lemon sweet bread with vanilla glaze, slathered with butter, freshly baked in a stone oven. if only i had a whole bottle of this!
  3. baconpancakes

    Funnel of Love

    this is my first review, so i figured i'd start with the first full bottle i bought myself. this is one well-blended perfume! it's such a complex scent with many layers; each time i smell it, i catch different aspects that i didn't notice before. i don't really find it dirty or gritty, but it's definitely strong - a little goes a really long way. it's sharper in the bottle and when i first put it on, and then as it dries down, it becomes sweeter and softer (like going on a forest walk on a warm summer night, carrying a well-loved, brown leather satchel, picking jasmine flowers). i find it so comforting!