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  1. modernsaints


    Oh lord. I am super behind on reviews - a ton of things have felt "off" lately, or just really "meh" - but I feel the need to rave about Oberon. It is GLORIOUS. The lab sent it to me as a frimp, and how the hell did they know? I never would've touched this (sounded horribly manly.) But I love it~~~ It is all sweet, sugary orchid - and for some reason it reminds me of Caron's Fleurs de Rocaille, though I have no idea if that's got orchid or not. As it dries down, it gradually gains this skin-scent base (with just a tint of salt) that I think is the white-musk/patchouli combo. Feminine and gentle and absolutely lovely.
  2. modernsaints


    Exactly the same as the Hamptons at first. EXACTLY. Sugary and sweet fruit and then the alcohol note kicks me in the face, sour and dry, and it becomes utterly unwearable. Boooo.
  3. modernsaints

    Cheshire Cat

    Tra la la bright sweet fruit OH GOD HNDKS GNRG THE HERBS, THEY GOT ME Sorry, lavender. Move yourself along. You're not wanted here.
  4. modernsaints

    The Dormouse

    ... Huh. Smells exactly like it should - except somehow my brain reads "peony" as "apple". Tart, herbal apple tea, which some folks would hit in a heartbeat, but I am just "meh" on it. A bit too much on the sour side for me.
  5. modernsaints


    Bright and citrus-y in the bottle - TONS of lime - but on me, the lilac amps up to 11 and drowns everything out. Blech.
  6. modernsaints

    The Pool of Tears

    Salt? BWAH? I wanted salt and instead I got the same vaguely sweet, faintly perfumed scent I get from every aquatic. One day I will find a BPAL that smells exactly of the ocean. Today is not that day
  7. modernsaints


    So very faint, but sweet and floral and OMG IS THIS MY MOM'S BUBBLE BATH? Yes. Yes it is. She had something when I was just a kid - Tahiti something-or-other - and it was this EXACT floral blend and oh my do I ever need a bottle. Not even to wear, just to keep it in the bathroom & pour it in the tub sometimes. Almost an edge of something candied (like violets) but not quite; just bright tropical goodness.
  8. modernsaints


    Not even a hint of orange blossom, just straight-up ginger with a hint of patchouli spice floating around the edges. Blech. Starting to realize I amp ginger all to hell and it is never, ever good. If you like ginger this is pretty good though!
  9. modernsaints


    Starts off as a lovely, tart apple, with a hint of something golden and sweet in the background - just a bright, sunny apple scent. Very reminiscent of The Hesperides (but a lot less sugary.) And then - about 30 minutes in - HERB POWER, GO GO. And it turns into a dead ringer for Punkie Night, which was the exact same potpourri/scented-candle-shop smell. I smell like a super classy bathroom. It was so good until then, too!
  10. modernsaints

    Lick It Again

    High, sharp sweetened mint - yes, it IS a candy cane! The vanilla in Lick It was a lot stronger on me, and it didn't hit quite as hard or feel as sinus-clearing (eep.) Still delicious and sweet, but I will be content to stay with an imp of Lick It Again, where I am constantly bemoaning my lack of Lick It.
  11. modernsaints


    Very cool, sort of blue-green - I KNEW there was blue musk in this just from smelling it. The tea note is also very prominent on me, as is the plum blossom; the combination reminds me of many of the Asian-inspired Salons. Sweet and delicate, but ultimately not something that feels like me. Definitely worth the time to try it, though!
  12. modernsaints

    The Hamptons

    Lime syrup, exactly like what you'd use to make a cosmopolitan, plus a drizzle of raspberry syrup. It is almost like a snow cone! As time goes on, something bitter - perhaps the alcohol note - emerges in the back, but for the most part, this is syrupy-citrus candy. Delicious, but a bit heavy and sticky for me.
  13. modernsaints

    Singing Moon

    In the bottle: an almost sweet, creamy base, covered up with soft white florals. Not bad, though not something I feel especially compelled to wear. On me, the herbal aspect ratchets itself up to 12. If you like herbs, have at it; this is not my thing especially. I feel obligated to try it one more time - just to make SURE - but I suspect it will not be a hit.
  14. modernsaints

    Priala, the Human Phoenix (2006)

    IT'S A MIRACLE. Cinnamon bark beats the three myrrhs down! Yes! Myrrh tends to amp all to hell on me, but the cinnamon here comes through strong and solid, very distinctly "cinnamon bark" as opposed to "cinnamon". There's something dry and woody here, and it's surprisingly nice; the smoke isn't heavy, and the myrrhs hang in the background. I can see myself wearing this more often once winter rolls around. Not sure I need a full 5ml, and I'll most likely end up decanting some out for others, but I'm not upset with the purchase.
  15. modernsaints


    First test: creamy...? Eh? I have no idea what's doing that. Second test: Sharp herbal with a really strong kick of mint - not candy mint, but the actual herb mint. Blech. Not a hint of creaminess, either; weird as hell. Passing this one on.