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  1. Jubliantuvula

    Metallic scents

    Thank you! The whole Steamworks series is on my "To try list"
  2. Jubliantuvula

    Metallic scents

    These are great! Most have been added to my "to try" list! Thank you!
  3. Jubliantuvula

    Metallic scents

    Could I bump this topic? The last reply seems to have been 2010 and a lot of the suggestions are discontinued (especially the heavily suggested Clockwork Girl). I am hoping to find one that is currently stocked. I have a very old perfume Victoria's Secret Very Sexy 2(squared) which is completely unlike anything else they have ever made (the candy/ fruity/ florals) or i have smelled. It is like a metallicy blackberry and I am looking for another metallic scent recommendation. The website lists (cactus, amber, orange and vanilla) some crazy notes and I thought if anyone had thrown these together it would be Beth. Metallics in general i would like to try, but especially if there was a metallic berry or metallic floral. Anything metallic really, there doesn't seem to be a lot in this category. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. Jubliantuvula


    When I wear this scent I feel I get the "she-is-sniffing-her-wrists" look and eyebrow raise. I adore this scent for the first two hours and then it dies on me terribly... In bottle: Bourbon and bay rum, very boozy and sweet, Wet: cheerful. Not the pre-teen candy sweet, but the "these are candies for adults, not kids" sweet. I am detecting some floral background carnation? Lily of the Valley? The honey behaves itself in this stage not overtaking the other elements. Dry: it dies in a crumbled heap from too much dancing and singing