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  1. Lilah Wrote


    free imp! i'm going to need a large bottle of this, and SOON. in vial: wasn't excited, just smelled sweetness of a nondescript nature. on me, wet: candy gummy cola bottles! this is actually a wonderful thing because i love that particular candy. dry: there is the tea and the honey and the lilac. i wish i could eat this. reasonably long throw on me as well, still smelling on wrists and put on around 11 am.
  2. Lilah Wrote


    Unexpectedly light, which people have already said... I'd like to tack on that that lightness, for my body, meant the scent left pretty quickly. Maybe part of the intent? Unlike some other scents that do not stay well on me, THIS i would buy (tested from a decant.) To me, this one is worth having to reapply several times. Violet is the strongest note I personally get, then lighter incense. I live very close to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. This scent, to me, should live there with the dried flowers outside the mausoleums. Perfect.
  3. Lilah Wrote

    Fairy Tales and Lies

    On me: Mostly rose. Very pretty, and morph-y into more of a lavendar soaked rose. As it faded, to me it smelled like the Strawberry Shortcake dolls I used to play with as a kid. Not a bad thing, but sort of a nondescript sweet as it died. Sadly this is another with almost no throw for me. It is, based on plot point and formula, something I was SUPER jazzed for, but my skin won't let it stay.
  4. Lilah Wrote


    Tested a few days ago... Beautiful floral both in bottle and on skin. Was hoping for more moss. To me, smells a great deal like Oneiroi, which I LOVE. My review is short because this has just about zero throw on my skin. It vanished in an hour. :/
  5. Lilah Wrote

    Voodoo Lily

    I really badly wanted to love this. With that said.... In bottle: Wet cinnamon, backed by lily. On skin, wet: orange spice tea. Not a bad smell, to be sure, but not what I was looking for. Drying/dried: Smells GOOD; exotic definitely. There's the lily again. I still smell cinnamon. It smells a lot, to me, like a candle I have (Orleans candle co.'s 'fireside)--- the cinnamon becomes something more like firewood. I like this a lot, but I do not love it. Will use my imp up but probably will not buy any more.
  6. Lilah Wrote

    Lady Lucille Sharpe

    In bottle: Wet plums. Almost a brandy sort of smell. That is the only note I personally smell. On me, wet: Oh dear God. I could eat my wrists. More of that plum, but warmed by my skin and the amber is starting to creep out. On me, dry: Now I get more of the amber, and the fruity smell is fading and being subdued by the other notes in the oil. I can smell the lily now. Whiffs of roses but they don't stay. This is a REALLY complex scent. I feel like there is more I could say but I can't quite find the words to explain how this is shifting moment by moment. I wanted to like Thomas Sharpe better, but I think Lucille is a new fast favorite and I'm going to need at least one more bottle. Gorgeous. May edit as to length of throw, but if Lucille is anything like her brother, I expect her linger at least until my shift ends at 10pm tonight if not longer.
  7. Lilah Wrote

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    It took a long time for the Sharpes to arrive, but they're finally here! *kicks post office* Have been much more excited about Thomas than anything else, so here we go..... In bottle: Dorian's (deviant) cousin. I opened this in front of a coworker and she proclaimed it "sex in a bottle." I 100% agree. I smell the flower assortment, but overall.... something wet and mossy, and those are my favorite bpal smells. Oil is blood red in the bottle. On/drying, half an hour after application: Mellowing to more of an incense-y smell. A warm amber with lavender underneath. I can't find my beloved moss anymore, but I still like it. May edit as to throw, which will decide how much I am in love with Thomas. If he lingers as well as most bpal scents do on me, this is a new favorrite and I'm going to need a bunch of bottles!
  8. Lilah Wrote

    Mary Read

    The very last of my imp of Mary.... She's a wee bit aged now, like most of my bpal. With that said... In imp: Sweetness and water. The sasparilla. Rum. On skin, wet: GUNPOWDER. AAAAAAAAAAH! and it is glorious. the water tones are underneath that. Drying/dry: Muting down, but still gunpowder. Ocean air. This is a favorite. Gonna need more.
  9. Lilah Wrote


    Found this in my box of imps! Yay. So, first things first... while bpal scents all tend to have a very long throw for me.... this one did not. At all. Applied around 7:30 am, literally almost gone by 10 am. So that's disappointing. But.... While on, and while still throwing, it has a very rich, floral (the rose) and wet, damp earth scent. Overall it's very sweet. The earth note is something you kind of have to know is there to smell it (I say this because my coworker commented that she liked my perfume, that it smelled like flowers. When I told her the other notes in it she was shocked.) I do really like the damp earth note, but it doesn't linger enough for me to buy any more of this. Dry-down eventually gets sort of powdery, then vanishes.
  10. Lilah Wrote


    This is a review for a very aged bottle of Bayou. This bottle has got to be eight years old, give or take a year. In bottle: Honeslty, it's a lot more muted than it was when fresh. I didn't forget about it, but I've been using it sparingly because it's a favorite, favorite scent. Somehow, this one outlasted some of its bretheren of the same scent. It was hiding in a corner or something. On skin: Soapier than I remember, but I do know that is a thing others mentioned in their reviews for 'fresher' bottles. Not concerned. Fading, ten or so minutes after application: A LOT more cypress than before it was aged. It's still a water-y scent, to me, but it is legitimately as though I am being punched in the face with cypress.* Throw/wear length: For me, most bpal smells have a long throw. This one seems marginally longer than others, if that helps. I get only a mild flower-y smell from the aged bottle and loads of trees/green and wet scent. *I really like the smell of cypress and live in New Orleans, in the Garden District. This smells like outside right now: greenery and wood right before or during a light rain. But that may not be for everyone. If it isn't, and you don't strongly get cypress notes from your fresh bottle, definitely do not let it age this long.
  11. Lilah Wrote


    This review is for well-aged Titania. I believe my bottle is seven years old. (I bumped my head and forgot about bpal for a few years ) Purchased initially to wear to my best friend's wedding. I'd had an imp of it and thought this would do nicely. It did. Now, seven years later.... WET: Still lush, juicy fruit. I get pear the most from it. Almost as if I just cut a fresh, real pear open. DRY/DRYING: Less pear and more flowers. The flowers aren't super individualized to me (just a general floral ooomph), but that sugary sweetness of the pear is still there underneath. Now I smell a bit more of the peach. For me this scent has a loooooooooooooooong throw. (I'm beginning to think that's the case with most bpal scents and me.) I can still smell it 6-ish hours after application, strongly. *I don't wear Titania often because the sweentess of the smell (while delicious) does not at all match me as an individual. This is a special occasion smell, or one I wear when I want to think of my best friend living in another state. It is beautiful, full stop, but while it is a favorite, I don't feel it is a go-to. To me, it's too much to wear every day.
  12. Lilah Wrote

    Slippery Poppy Tincture

    Wearing this for the first time in a long, long time. And the post is actually what made me sign up for the forums again, other than Crimson Peak goodness. BUT. My coworkers couldn't stop telling me how good I smelled today. My bottle is older--I think I have had this smell four to five years. It definitely smells a little different than I remember. In the bottle: I smell honeysuckle. I suppose that is the poppy scent, but that is all I get. Sweetness. On me: Sweetness. Flowery sweetness. No honey, no other notes, just that bright poppy. Hours later: Still just as strong. Fading now, about ten hours after application (which is crazy and wonderful) to a more green scent that I unfortunately cannot describe. Coworkers said: ... that I smelled like spices. Huh. So they were getting something more exotic than a floral from smelling this on my skin.