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    Anime/Manga(SailorMoon a.k.a. my RELIGION)<br />Japan<br />J-pop<br />Witchcraft(catch-all term)<br />the supernatural<br />BPAL<br />Alice's Adnventures in Wonderland<br />Astrology
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    Libra with Pisces rising. Slave for Venus
  1. Silverstar

    Wholesale inquiries

    Thanks! I must o' overlooked that.
  2. Silverstar

    Wholesale inquiries

    I've noticed the Lab has a few merchants that carry their oils. Sadly, they're way to far away for me. I was wondering how you would become a BPAL merchant if say you were thinking about starting a small store in a local mall. I haven't heard the how to's of becoming a merchant anywhere on the site and I'm very interested in who to contact and what to specificaly ask. I was thinking on renting out a section of a Simon's shopping center this summer with a friend but was at a loss at what to sell. I know BPAL scents would become popular around here if it was more accessible to the public and I'd love to get more people involved with what they're missing out on.(I think there is at least one BPAL scent for everyone) If anyone has any knowledge or ideas about this subject I'd love to here them.
  3. Hey, I am newer to this site and I was thinking about a scent that could represent a mermaid. An oceany scent that is very deep and mysterious and a little lonely and curious. That has a mystical, out of this world smell. I love Mermaids and would love a scent that embodies one. P.S. I know you have Siren but Sirens and Mermaids a really very different.