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  1. heatherlyn

    Theoi Nomioi

    I really wanted to like this, I'd love to have a perfume that really captured the feel of hiking through the mountains. I got a strong aquatic, ozone, pine that smelled really artificial on me - alas! Have to get my forest scents while actually hiking, I think ...
  2. heatherlyn

    Fake News

    Just gorgeous, I'm a patchouli lover and this is an absolute keeper. Smooth and spicy and, ugh, so huffable. I'm not getting the pepper, but I have no complaints, just well blended and an instant favorite.
  3. heatherlyn

    Alternative Facts

    I get something similar to Bitches Love Unicorns, bright fizzy candy citrus - Alternative Facts has more of a vanilla feel to it though. However, both of these scents have an undertone that puts me off, not for me.
  4. heatherlyn

    Maiko with Hair Unbound

    Went sour on me, unfortunately, never got the coconut - almost burnt smelling on my skin. Calling this one a chemistry fail!
  5. heatherlyn

    Pleasures of the Imagination V

    Definitely earthy and masculine, light on the leather, heavy on the patchouli and tobacco for me. I bet would smell amazing on a man.
  6. heatherlyn

    Lupercalia Single Note: Riding Crop

    For me this was more of a warm, soft, mellow leather - I don't get the more sharp note of a new leather. Very realistic and quite long lasting.
  7. heatherlyn

    Cave of Treasures

    Just lilac on me, surprising as I amp honey and love amber - but they were no where to be found.
  8. heatherlyn

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    I get a very similar scent to Battle Fairy in Training, but with a marshmallow rather than mint undertone. Both are very strong on the strawberry, which is more of a candy strawberry than actual strawberry.
  9. heatherlyn

    Honeyed Apple

    Slices of apple dipped in golden honey. I'm one of the unfortunates that this went powdery waxy, tested it a couple times but not for me.
  10. heatherlyn

    Places Everyone

    I'm just getting blue slushie, which it does very well!
  11. heatherlyn


    Took a chance on this one, sounded really interesting - and just a lovely, smooth, well blended perfume. Doesn't go foodie at all on me, though there is a rich sweetness, but not cloying at all. Not too overpowering, but has staying power - have worn it already quite a bit as it's so easy to reach for.
  12. heatherlyn

    Nasty Woman

    Had to get this one, and it is lovely on me ... after about 2 hours. I get an off putting clove like scent that obscures the other notes until it mellows out. BEAUTIFUL after that two hour mark though!
  13. heatherlyn


    From a frimp, tested twice now - yep, salty, floral popcorn.
  14. heatherlyn

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    Loved this when I first tried it, a rich, sweet, smokey patchouli, very much dirt and fig. Way too hippie for me to wear in public, so passed on the bottle. My imp saw more and more use though, and I broke down and bought a bottle. I might only wear it at home, but, wow, do I enjoy myself when I do!
  15. heatherlyn

    Day-Old Ham

    Just like you spilled ham juice on your arm. Could actually be ham juice, I couldn't tell the difference.