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    a little too imp-ulsive
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    Dundee, Scotland

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    I loath any citrussy or fruity scents (apart from red berrys...love them!) Also not too keen on Aquatics. I Adore smokey, woody, egyptian, hippy incensy notes and scents.

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    My star sign is aries and i was born in the year of the Water Dog and posses many of the traits. I'm very interested in compatability between the signs.
  1. catiebloo

    Cinnamon girl...

    I don't know what big red smells like, i'm from Scotland, but to me Tintagel is sweet yet cinammony
  2. catiebloo


    Ooooooooh this smells exactly like Lush Icon Fracrance to me! Only a little bit stronger (but that could be down to the age of patchouli used i suppose)
  3. catiebloo

    Two, Five & Seven

    2, 5 & 7 - Roses Roses Roses and more Lush Roses. This isn't the smell of the typical valentines "closed" roses, this is the scent of large open blooms . Picture this if you can.....It's night time, there's a garden. The Garden is as gloomy as can be. All the plants are dead or dying, curled up leaves the colour of old teabags are everywhere and the smell of decay hangs heavily in the air. Suddenly, out of nowhere a smell so tempting wafts under your nose almost as if it wants you to search it out...you go an explore.... You search and search but find nothing, until you come across a wooden door in a wall, curiously, you open it, and it's like Dorothy opening the door onto "Oz" Behind the door, there's a garden filled with bright sunshine and wild blooms soooo plump, luscious and colourful that, if it wasn't for the Bumbly bees flying lazily between them, you could almost swear they were false. To me, this is the scent of 2, 5 & 7
  4. catiebloo

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    I think haunted would be just lovely for a wedding, it's seems to me, very soft and floaty and very bridal
  5. catiebloo


    This is the only scent that actually makes me want to heave, which is a shame because i really wanted to like it Sorry Beth
  6. Seraglio smells like Christmas Cake with marzipn iceing stuff.
  7. catiebloo

    Gardening and the Scents of a Garden

    OoOooOoOOooOoooh yay! I *love* scents that remind me of forests and dark wet gardens, I prefer them to the fresh garden-y smells. Really chuffed i ordered incantation and The Caterpillar now
  8. catiebloo

    Are custom scents available?

    Hey all I'm considering having a custom scent made, not for me, but for my mum for her birthday and christmas this year (her birthday's 21st Dec & since it's a lot of money i thought i would combine) She hasn't really got a signature scent although she has gone on about wanting one in the past so i thought this may be a good idea. What do you think??
  9. catiebloo

    New Orleans

    Bpals description of this oil is dead on! When i sniffed from the bottle the smell of decaying flowers (possibly lilys as they have the same type of pungent aroma) hit me full force in the face. The more i sniffed the more spicy it smelt. Wafts of Anniseed and tabasco drifted up my nose and got me all hot and bothered :oops: Unfortunatly, after i applied it i came out in a rash, but it soon disappeared. To begin with on skin it's a very Hot & spicy, but lazy scent. You can almost imagine youself sitting at an open window, cooling yourself with a handheld fan on the hottest day of the year! Another image that springs to mind when wearing this scent, is of a funeral march through a cemetry where the coffin is transpoted via a carriage led by 2 grand horses with plumes of feathers on their head (you know the sort i mean) followed by the family and a band! Not just any cemetry though, one of the big grand ornate ones It's scent i'm not so sure about as the pungent decaying aroma is quite strong (plus there's the whole "rash" thing!), but i am definatly going to buy a bigger bottle regardless...it's just too good to bypass....besides, the rash went away! (ok i know...i'm crap as descriptions.....)
  10. catiebloo

    Hollywood Babylon

    Hollywood Babylon - The essence of innocence shattered: glittering Egyptian amber and heliotrope, infused with the sweetness of strawberry and vanilla - dragged into debauch by lusty red musk and a dribble of black cherry. I want this one and i want it now! I'm usually not a fan of sweet scents but this one is gorgeous! The strawberry, cherry & vanilla in this are very obvious, but they're fake...almost candy like, but in a very good, lickable way :oops: The Helitrope gives a nice floral undertone to stop it from becoming to sickly sweet. A keeper.
  11. catiebloo


    I love love love this one! When it's wet the pine and the almond really shine through so to speak...i can smell marzipan quite strongly. But when it's dry it's a very hot'n'spicy scent. The patchouli and clove are the most prominent oils in this one for me, backed up by the kick of lime You can almost imagine yourself joining in some wierd voodoo ritual while wearing this (or dancing on the beach in front of the fire with Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean )
  12. catiebloo

    Anne Bonny

    A blend with all of my favorite oils yay! The Patchouli in this is very strong! Good job i like it huh! As it dries in, the sandalwood and the frankincense come to the fore making it absolutly delish! You could imagine this scent getting better and better as the night wears on while you dance yourself silly on the dancefloor.
  13. catiebloo

    Queen Mab

    This is just lovely! And so true to it's description! At first sniff it's quite light...to be honest i first thought it smelled a bit like air freshner! But i went back to it and had another sniff and it is indeed shadowy Light, but with something lingering around the corner that you can't quite put your finger on. It's flowery, but not in the sense that you would imagine....it's "Black" flowery if you know what i mean, dark and mysterious. If i take a deep sniff i'm sure i can smell something hot and aniseed like.....makes me want to lick my wrist This a very intreguing (sp?) scent, i keep going back to sniff it. Will definatly be getting a bigger bottle!
  14. catiebloo


    Seraglio - Sweet almond and Mysor sandalwood enveloped by a heady veil of Bulgarian Rose, neroli, nutmeg, clove and orange peel. WOW! This one smells like a cake when it's wet! Exceedingly marzipani (that'd be the sweet almond then!) with the underlying christmassy hint of nutmeg and spicyness of the clove oil. As it fades the rose and the sandalwood come through giving it an almost musty/heady inscence scent. Very nice.
  15. catiebloo


    Smells very sweet to my nose, so personally i think the description and name are a bit misleading, but i guess it's different on everyone huh. I'm not picking up any individual notes at all. Actually, on closer sniffing it's kind of zesty, like lemons, but not a sharp shock of lemon, like lemon bon bons. I'll get back to you on that. After having been on a all day in a smokey pub i can confirm that this scent is a winner It lasts most of the day and when it's faded a bit, it smells exactly like Lush's Floating Island melt!! Really soft and "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" like. Makes me feel all cosy, like the advert where the woman's sitting in the chair and it gets bigger and hugs her