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  1. cordeliasbs

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    I LOVE root beer (ginger beer, ginger ale, etc) so I had to try this. Definitely root beer in the bottle. I'm a little concerned; I don't really want to SMELL like root beer, do I? But on, it's just sweet and buttery with a little sharpness. The root-beer that is overpowering when wet definately settles down to a calmer more soft sassafrass-y-ness as it dries. This is unusual and hard to describe, but really wonderful and unique. Not too foody, not to sweet, not too sharp. A nice, warm winter scent.
  2. cordeliasbs

    Count Dracula

    I mostly get ginger, leather and clove, both wet in the bottle and dry on my skin. Not what I would expect for the granddaddy of all vamps. This has a better throw than some others and lasts longer. Much more masculine than I ever expected to wear, though. But I really like it. It's just barely dark without being too overwhelming or sharp or spicy.
  3. cordeliasbs


    Got this as a frimp and hated it in the bottle. Too sharp and woodsy. Very much too much cedar and not enough anything else. But I was determined to try every scent I could get my hands on, and I'm glad I did! Wet on my skin it becomes a much sharper patchouli than I usually care for. Very much like dirty hippies, I think. But as it dries the cedar and cinnamon make it something sexy and powerful. I don't really know what notes I'm getting or what to call them. I can only say it's like smoking a clove cigarette at 4 in the morning after your 12th cup of coffee. Two interesting things: I wore this to a kinda stressful work meeting, and it made me feel confident and cool. Very unusual for me, so this is now definately my power scent! I can ONLY wear this on my wrists. Anywhere else leaves horrid red welts. They don't hurt or itch or sting, but just look icky. My wrists don't react at all. Must be the cinnamon.
  4. cordeliasbs


    Oh, my first bpal love! In the bottle this smells like cherry coke and Jack Daniels with a lime wedge. Seriously. But on the skin it becomes something wonderful and soft; almost insensy and powdery. The vetiver definately shows up quickly, and competes with the lime for the dominant note on me. This isn't too sweet or foody, and not dark or sharp like some other "sexy" scents. Just pleasant, not too sweet, not too woodsy.
  5. cordeliasbs

    Antique Lace

    Vanilla all the way, but not a foody or musky vanilla. It's hard for me to define. There's something almost creamy... And there's something that reminds me, ever so slightly of my first perfume, oh yes, Love's Baby Soft. Maybe just nostalgia, but there's something soft and comforting about this scent. This is the only bpal oil I can wear when I've got a migraine, and it's not one that I picked out. I got it as a freebie with another order, but it is one of my favorites now!