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    Bottle: Mostly patchouli and hazelnut with the leather and vanilla in the background. Wet: I smell like peanut butter cookies this was all hazelnut and bourbon vanilla. Dry: Still mostly cookies, but it's now sitting really close to the skin and the musk, amber and leather are grounding this a little bit more. I'm a sucker for patchouli scents, it does really beautiful things with my skin. However this time it doesn't seem to want to come out and play with the others, I might revisit this in a few weeks since I think I would love this if the patchouli was more prominent of me. This reminds me of visiting your grandmothers house while she's baking, but your grandmother was a wild child biker babe back in the day and she still wears the same amber musk perfume from when she was in her 20's.