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  1. infectedgrl6

    Demonic scents

    Quick question... what scents remind you of demons? Any demons at all... biblical or modern or any other kind! I'm looking for perfumes, room sprays, candles or hair gloss. I'm sure the lab has loads but seeing as there's no 'demonic' tag I thought I'd come here for guidance. Also, as tempting as it may be to recommend limited editions, I probably won't be buying any because of the obvious difficulty in trying to get ahold of them x( . Still interested in reading about them though! Thank you
  2. infectedgrl6

    Appropriate Scents for Teens?

    I tried to post a reply, with quotes, but maybe there's a limit to how long replies can be or how many quotes you can use (I used at least six!) because both times I've tried it didn't work. Anyway... I think I'll be ordering Imps of Morocco/Dorian and I might try Snake Oil because it seems to be recommended by everyone everywhere. Interesting how many people are recommending scents that remind them of food (do you eat teenagers here?! I'm kidding, I'll be sure to look at more 'edible'-sounding scents seeing as lots of people seem to think they are the best ones). Thanks Andyl and non_boingy for your ideas. I don't know why I like the idea of smoke/fire scents but those all sound like good possibilities. That's also the impression I got of Djinn from reviews, but I thought it better to check.
  3. infectedgrl6

    Appropriate Scents for Teens?

    The name of and reviews for Djinn have gotten me quite interested - but I'm a little worried about the 'smokey smell' people say it has. I'm in secondary school so I don't want anything that suggests cigarette smoke or alchohol, or anything overtly sexual. If anybody would like to recommend a good scent to start off with or make any comments about Djinn, I'd be grateful.