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  1. darestodream

    Follow Me Boy

    I ordered an imp with my last order, and the lab threw in an extra imp of it. I wondered if they were trying to tell me something...? A new career in the sex industry, perhaps? I was expecting something much more seductive and musky, which this definitely is not. My first impression was, "It's Hana!" I used to wear that Aveda scent in the summer, but gave it up because it faded so quickly. Follow Me Boy has a similar mix of warm yet bright florals. It is a nice, happy scent, but it never seemed to merge with my chemistry. It always seemed to sit on top of my skin, instead of adapting and reacting to my body chemistry. In that way, it's one of the few BPALs I've tried that smell nearly the same on skin as they do in the vial. I like this one, but don't love it. I tend to only wear ones I love on dates, so I can't say yet whether or not it lives up to its promise. I'll have to wear it around a large group of men at some point and see what happens!
  2. darestodream

    Dia de los Muertos

    Is "yum" a detailed enough review? Okay, I'll try to break it down a little bit. Wet: I get a strong floral hit, but not sweet. There is a slight smokiness that really mellows that out. First 30 minutes: Oh, amazing. I don't really pick up any of the food notes, but the smokiness intensified, wrapping itself around the floral notes. I pick up a bit of dried leaves, too, which is a great balance to the florals. It keeps the scent from becoming too sweet. Next 30 minutes: Uh-oh. Did I speak too soon? Now all the sugar is coming to the forefront, and I smell like a candy stand. I want the first scent back! Settling in: Oh, this is better. The sugar has receded quite a bit, and the tobacco and florals are coming back and I finally catch a slight of the chocolate. All in all, absolutely gorgeous. It is a perfect floral scent for fall. It's similar to Harvest Moon, but I like this one even more. So long as my body chemistry can keep that sugar note at bay for the rest of the wear, I see myself wearing this very often. I am so glad I ordered it.
  3. darestodream

    The Red Queen

    When I opened up my last order, I immediately smelled something almost sickly sweet and completely overpowering. It only took me a second to figure out that it was Red Queen. I had to isolate it from the rest of the imps in order to be able to smell anything else! Unfortunately, Red Queen just did not work for me. All I could smell was cherry cough syrup. I eventually tried it, hoping it would perform some magic on my skin. The cough syrup smell lingered for about an hour, and then it finally started to ease into a nicer, woody sort of cherry that was much better. However, the sweetness never fully vanished on my skin, and I just don't think it was the right combination of notes for my skin. It is the only bpal I've ever had to wash off. I think this would be marvelous on the right wrists. It's very strong, but when the scent mellowed a bit and the wood and cherry mingled, I could absolutely see the potential. I'm just sorry my chemistry didn't cooperate!
  4. darestodream

    Empyreal Mist

    Empyreal Mist is interesting. It's not one I would have chosen for myself (I'm too much an earth sign to be drawn to anything called 'mist'), but I'm very glad I have it. Wet, it is sharp and clean, a bit aquatic, and I pick out the slight hint of lemon. The sharpness disappears quickly, leaving a decided white tea/white floral mix. It's absolutely lovely: feminine without being a bit overpowering, delicate without being sweet. It is also very much a clean scent, perfect for day. I would not wear this when I was feeling hot and spicy, by any means, but would definitely put it on when I wanted a soothing, barely there scent.
  5. darestodream


    The only problem I have with Scherezade is that it has caused a terrible dilemma in my scent-lover's heart: Old Morocco or Scherezade? They are both warm, spicy, musky, and, when worn, simply smell like an improved version of me. Scherezade seems a bit sweeter to me, and a tiny bit stronger, as well. It is also my first BPAL that has received unsolicited compliments. When I wear this, I feel a bit more womanly, a bit more wise. I feel like I could lure people into my web and, once ensnared, know exactly what to do with them. The only reason I haven't ordered a larger bottle is that I already have one of Old Morocco, and the two scents really do fill the same niche. One of these days, I will have to put OM on one wrist and Scherezade on the other, and let them finally duke it out until a favorite emerges.
  6. darestodream


    Lampades is one of those scents that I had to wear twice before I could decide what I thought of it. The first time, the cranberries were nicely balanced by the other notes, and I was thrilled to have found a fruity scent that worked for me. It was light without being especially sweet, and I felt quite...yummy, really. Theree is no other word. Alas, my chemistry is fickle, and the second time I tried Lampades I only got the sweet, fruity note. The cranberries definitely rule this scent, and it will certainly be lovely on those who like warm, fruity scents. It was close enough to being right that I wished I was one of those people, but in the end this one landed in the swap pile.
  7. darestodream

    Sudha Segara

    This is what I wanted Dana O'Shee to be. It has the same creamy richness, but with the tang of ginger instead of almonds, which I prefer. Within an hour of wearing this one, I knew I was going to need more than one imp. The ginger is quite strong, and is the first thing I noticed when wet. It mellowed out quite a bit once it was on the skin, but managed to maintain enough of it's bite to remain interesting. Short version: I love this one. It's a keeper. ADDED Nov. 25: I was rather certain I would love this one based on all the notes, and was thrilled to have a freebie thrown in with my last order. In the vial, the ginger pops out at me -- and, since I love ginger, I have no problem with that. On, it slowly evolves into a creamier scent, with the milk note taking the edge off the ginger. However, the ginger definitely remained the most prominent note. It is a very straight-forward fragrance on me, just ginger and the slight hint of milk. I definitely love having simple scents around for days when I am in the mood for something clean and direct, and this is perfect for that. It manages to be warm and simple at the same time. Also, it is a fabulous room scent. I'll definitely be picking up a larger bottle.
  8. darestodream

    Chaos Theory

    I just received my package today, and I could not resist trying Chaos Theory XLIV immediately. I had to see if I could pick out the notes. Sadly, my nose is far from parfumiere grade, but I will do my best. The first and most undeniable note is vanilla. It hit me right out of the bottle, is the main scent I picked up during the first five minutes and even now, 4 hours later, is the defining note of this scent. However, there is something lying under it that I simply cannot identify. It's a little earthy and spicy, just enough to ground the vanilla. It smells yummy, but not foody. At first, I thought I was picking up a tobacco type note, as in Roadhouse, but that popped in and out enough that I could be imagining it. There also seems to be a less-sweet floral, such as ylang ylang, and possibly some woodsy notes. Of course, I could be making all that up -- the vanilla is the only note of which I am sure. This is a lovely scent for daytime. It is light and classic, and very feminine without being sweet. I can easily see wearing this to work or to interviews, and putting everyone in smelling distance in a slightly better mood. It is a very happy scent, and I am quite pleased with it. I will definitely use up the entire bottle.
  9. darestodream


    Haunted came to me in a swap, and although it is not one I would typically choose, I'm glad of the chance to try it. Wet, it is rich and striking and very interesting. Amber hits me first, and then the musk rushes out and takes over. However, this scent seems like it will be strongly personalized by body chemistry. On, the musk is gorgeous. I feel like I am enveloped in a fog, dark yet ethereal at the same time. It feels earthbound without being earthy, if that makes a bit of sense. The amber peeks through the cloak woven by the musk. This is a rich, mysterious scent, without question. Unfortunately, it does turn to powder after about an hour. I'm pretty sure that is the amber, since O behaved similarly. Even without the powder effect, Haunted is too strong for everyday wear. Instead, this is one I will wear at home, so I can wash it off if it becomes too strong or too powdery.
  10. darestodream


    A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss. Fae was lovely in the bottle, full and light at the same time. I caught a strong peach note, which was quite pretty. On me, it starts nice, if a bit confused. The peach and oakmoss battled it out for about ten minutes before the peach finally stabilized. However, just before I could relax and enjoy the loveliness of the scent, it turned to powder on me. Peach scented talcum powder, which just reminded me of the way an older aunt would smell. I tried it several times, hoping that I judged too quickly, but it never quite worked for me. This one went in the swap pile, because I am sure it is perfect for someone else.
  11. darestodream


    I got Old Morocco in a trade with a friend. On her, it smelled like a butter cookie, for which I am very grateful, because I love this scent. Although I can see how it might turn too foody on some people, on me it was just warm and spicy. If I close my eyes, I can imagine myself drinking tea on an old red magic carpet in the middle of the desert, with breezes wafting the scent of spices from the market toward me. It is absolutely beautiful, soft and rounded and not at all masculine on me. I think I might have to get a larger bottle of this one. My only complaint is that it just doesn’t last long enough, and I want to smell this good all day!
  12. darestodream


    I so wanted to love this scent. It sounded made for me. I love amber and honey, and like vanilla well enough. On me, though, it was just bland. The amber instantly turned to baby powder, and stayed that way. Occasionally, the honey would peek through, but not enough, and the vanilla never showed up at all. In the bottle, it smelled wonderful, so this is clearly a chemistry thing. I think it's how my body responds to the BPAL amber, since Haunted also turned powdery on my skin. This saddens me terribly, since in the past I've used amber-based scents. I have tried O on four separate occasions, hoping to change my mind, but it is still mainly powder. I am jealous of all who can wear and love this scent!
  13. darestodream


    I’ve been experimenting a bit with florals, trying to find one that really works on my skin. The description for Rapture was irresistible, so it seemed like a good place to start. In the bottle, this is lovely. Rich and gentle at the same time. I felt transported to a small outdoor café, sitting in a square surrounded by flowers, watching beautiful people walk past. It was wonderful. On my skin, it remained gorgeous. The jasmine definitely overtakes the rose, but the scent is still complex enough to remain interesting. The dry down was nearly perfect, although a touch too sweet for my taste. To me, it is a very feminine scent without being over the top. It is perfect for warm weekend days when I feel like wearing pretty skirts and dresses instead of shorts or tank tops. In the end, that extra sweetness will keep me from ordering a larger bottle, but I will likely use up my imp.
  14. darestodream

    Dana O'Shee

    On me, Dana O'Shee is almost the perfect day scent. It's warm and gentle, without being too sweet. I love the hint of spice to it. The first time I wore it, I could not stop smelling my wrists all day. Of course, with BPAL I've learned to try everything twice before deciding. The second time, all I could smell was the almond. In fact, I smelled a bit like an almond cookie. I'm not a big fan of foody scents, so that did not appeal to me, and the almond really took over the parts of the scent that I liked. I think I'm going to try this as a room freshener and see if the scent balances a bit better when it does not have to respond to my body chemistry.
  15. darestodream


    I got my first order of imps on a Friday afternoon. I stopped by my apartment just long enough to change and freshen up before meeting a friend for drinks, and there was that glorious collection of scents, including a sample of Roadhouse. Since I was heading out to a bar, that seemed like the appropriate one to try first. In the bottle, it was interesting: light and sharp at the same time. My first thought was, “How can weeds smell so pretty?” I put it on and could not stop inhaling my wrists. I drove to the bar, all giddy and happy and smelling myself, absolutely loving the fragrance. Unfortunately, as soon as I entered the smoky bar, I lost the scent. Maybe it blended a bit too well? I tried it again a few days later. This time, I wore it to go book shopping. I had the same response at first. The dandelions are so wonderful, fresh and tangy and sweet all at the same time. But this time, my nose stayed fresh long enough to catch the whiff of hops – or, in my case, beer! Although I did not mind the smell itself, I was worried that people would think I drank a six-pack before heading out for the day. I certainly could not wear this before driving. If I were ever pulled over, any cop would be instantly suspicious! The beer faded in and out, and eventually the scent mellowed a bit (the tobacco and dandelion combination was lovely), but that hint of beer still makes this one I can’t wear to work. That being said, I do love this scent. It is beautiful and interesting and unique. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything else quite like it. Oh, Roadhouse. Our relationship is complicated. I do love you so, and yet you defy me by insisting on making me smell like a beer-swilling floozy. I think Beth really got what she was aiming for with this one.