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    LOVE LOVE LOVE: Dragon's Milk, Mabon, Jolly Roger, Bliss, Bon Vivant, Jailbait, King of Spades, Swank, Thalia, Midwinter's Eve, Bordello, Rose Red, Jester, Three Witches, Xiuvwvwevwxtchi, thunderbird, cheshire cat, queen of diamonds, and blue moon! Still working to try a lot more!

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    I'm a Leo/Virgo cusp :)

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  1. EvilKitten

    Dead Man's Hand

    ... Our Dead Man’s Hand is the quintessential western scent: dusty rawhide and oiled leather. Ohmygod. I sniffed this, and immediately I was on horseback. I could hear the creaking of the saddle, feel the reins in my hands. Just that smell of well - worn leather.. but not just leather.. it's like dusty leather that I associate with tack rooms and horseback and when I was much younger and rode in horse shows. And I only have an imp. Must. Get. More.
  2. EvilKitten

    Chaste Moon 2005

    Wow.. wet, I smell light, soft, comforting buttery warm creamy notes. Oh it's yummy. And it stays true to wet when it dries - the only complaint I have is that it fades REALLY quickly which is gonna make me want to have to slather this on. Gotta find a bottle now. This is amazing!
  3. EvilKitten

    Leanan Sidhe

    Holy shit.. this is what I was wanting dublin to be! Green, flowery, lush and misty .. It's what I imagine the perfect celtic scent to be. As it sits on me, it just gets sweeter and greener and one of the most beautiful florals I have ever smelled. WOW. Wow.
  4. EvilKitten

    Juke Joint

    oh hello mint julip... This reminds me of the Kentucky Derby, of sweet old ladies and their mint julips in their big hats at the races.. it's perfect and minty and I do have to say that I pretty much adore anything in mint that Beth creates.
  5. EvilKitten


    ok on first whiff I get banana and tropics. I'm thinking good, right? Not so much. Because then there's that scent -- that "eww" scent in the background. I don't know what it is, but my skin makes it turn rancid. But it's like icky - over - fruity stuff.. I want to love it -- really, I do! But I don't think it's going to work at all.
  6. EvilKitten


    First sniff - Holy minty goodness.. I have not smelled anything with mint that I did not like. on me - The mint and the greener notes mesh perfectly, and as it dries down I can detect the faintest lemony citrus note in the background - just enough to make you go "ooh" but so much that my skin makes it lemony pledge. Mmm. This is a definite keeper.
  7. Yes and that is why it is one of my favorite scents. I've loved Gucci rush like.. for 5 or so years. I second the Xiuhtecuhtli recommendation
  8. EvilKitten


    in the bottle: boozy. Yeah, alcohol. On me: cinnamony - alcoholy, like cinnamon schnapps.. very warm smelling.. dries to a total cinnamon smell.
  9. EvilKitten

    Pumpkin King

    OMG yum. In the bottle : spicy cidery pumpkiny - like I'm having a slice of pumpkin pie and apple cider. On me: Wow the pumpkin is the strong note on my skin, like a warm gooey slice of pumpkin pie... This is true autumn.. As it dries, it becomes more cinnamony - This is pure heaven and I wish that I could just smell it .. like, forever. I need a gallon bottle of this now.
  10. EvilKitten


    Shattered In the bottle - minty. My nose can always pick out mint. On me - minty citrusy.. as it dries down the aquatic blooms make an appearance.. but it never really loses the citrusy minty goodness. I love it! Impressions: Sharp like shattered glass, indeed.
  11. EvilKitten

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    Vanilla, violet, and gardenia. They blend together to make a light, sweet, heavenly scent. I do like this, I'm not sure if it'll get a big bottle, but I will keep the imp and sniff occasionally. I am continually amazed at how such different scents blend so well together!
  12. EvilKitten

    Lady MacBeth

    OMG. I just had a smellgasm. In the bottle, I knew this was going to be a good one; sweet, fruity, complex .. mmm.. On me, it exceeds my wildest expectations. Now at this point in the day I'm down to dabbing on the insides of my fingers to sniff, and I must look funny with my finger stuck up to my nose. But my freaking god, it's AMAZING!
  13. EvilKitten

    Fiery Command

    This is definitely a heavy floral thing.. Both in the bottle and on me. It's strong, and will probably be best used with a carrier oil. I smell gardenia for sure, but I can't quite make out the other florals. I think it might be a little too heavy for what I like to wear.. but it's nice for florals
  14. EvilKitten

    Aunt Caroline's Money Draw

    First impressions: spicy orange zest. Yumalicious. as it dries - the orange and spice (mainly cinnamon) are all I really smell on me. the orange starts to be the star in this, with the spices serving a supportive role. It's very warm and comforting. I love it!
  15. EvilKitten


    In the bottle: Holy crap! I love that fresh fresh sting of mint as I hold my nose to the bottle. Wearing this is going to be FUN! On me: Wow. It's rum, it's mint, it's what I was wanting spooky to be on me but didn't - it's delicious mint, sweet candy, and boozy rumness altogether. Oh my, oh my, I'm so glad I got some of this. Yum yumyumyumyum