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  1. Dirty and Blood Amber... I went to Del Mar Fair with a friend of mine with the sexy smell of Blood Amber on me when it was open. It was funny how many people would randomly pull on me and tell how good I smelled or ask where did I get.As for Dirty it is a great smell and left a lasting impression on my 2 week trip out to no where land. Both work really well with catching the attention of males.
  2. SpinalDesign

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm not sure I need to find something really chaotic to wear. I'm going to go as one of my comic book ppl ( I know whats punk huh ??Pimp my stuff with no shame lol ). I still need to put together whats I'll wear but.. the scent I want it to be really strong .. I might wear perversion with some thing over it.
  3. To add a few for the Men in my life Blood amber, Hellfire, Perversion, Malic, Only just warn them not to lick you they don't taste that great
  4. SpinalDesign

    Queen of Spades

    A contemporary incarnation of the tarot's Queen of Swords. A card of decisive action, strength of Will, progressive action, justice, and, sometimes, revenge. The scent is a sophisticated, deep, and smoky floral with a decidedly exotic spice. Moroccan myrrh and black amber, with muguet, opoponax, deep black plum, cyclamen, galbanum, and wild blackberry softened by pear blossom and a swirl of exotic wood notes. In the bottle: A very deep pulm,mix berry, scent. Almost like a sweet'n cough syrup. It smell sweet,strong, and very thick. Out of the bottle:It comes out as a liquid soft red color. It's a strong candy sweet smell of cherry. Like a old fashion lollypop with black berry chunks left inside. It smells so good you want to lick your self hehe. Dry down: It a strong scent but still very playful. It reminds me of a darker version of jester. But it has a flower scent to it as well like a scent of pele with a hint of candy cherry, rinch plum and a hint of "sin". The smell is sooo wonderful !! For my last thought: The more it drys the more the smell changes but the scent is very thick so you wont have to put much on to be able to smell your self!! It's a wonderful smell very sexy and very sinfully sweet. I'm going out right now I will see how people are drawn to it and will finsh up my review!!
  5. Men:Silentium Amoris, Love Me ,Black Phoenix, Undertow, Zombi,Red Moon Women: Jester,Juliet, Red moon, Love Me, The Caterpillar, Silentium Amoris Thoes ones catch men and women but the best of the best on my skin is Silentium Amoris& Love Me on at the same time . Wow ya hehe it equals one hell fo a night !!
  6. SpinalDesign

    Temperature and BPAL

    It got pretty hot in my house thanks to the fact we have no AC so eh I was melting with you neko! I keep all my imps and bottles in a wooden box so I just wrapped a towel around it and put a ice pack on top and then wrapped another towel over it and kept it near one of the fans. Nothing got hot or melted but the oils had a nice cold feel when I put more zombi on.. Mmmm it felt sooo good!
  7. SpinalDesign

    Where is this scent?

    Maybe it jester ,that has a candy like fruity smell to it. But that is awesome to have a mystery scent!!
  8. SpinalDesign


    Wet :I popped open the lid just a little and this sweet wild berry mix hit‘s me .The smell is strong but not over powering. Drying : It reminds me of mulberries but so much sweeter... the scent smell soooo good!! Dry : The scent smell like warmed raspberry and strawberries glazed with sugar and honey .It smell so good I’m tempted to lick my self hehe. The smell is very refreshing I used to have liquid soap that I fell in love with that smelt just like this... but they discontinued it sadly. So in much to my delight I’m glad I came across “Jester”!! Oh the scent is so strong I can smell it all around me. I can now smell a hint of lemon or orange but it’s very light . Aftermath : The scent is wonderful !! It’s thick berry scent is refreshing and brings a scene of warmth and relaxation for me. This is a keeper and I will have to buy a 5ml for me and my mother . She absolutely is in love with this smell as much as me.Now I want ot have a slice of berry pie Mmmmm!
  9. SpinalDesign


    Whimsical, temperamental, radiant and ravishingly beautiful Goddess of Volcanoes, Fire, Lightning and Dance. She is the Mother of Eruptions and the personification of destructive power. Volcanic eruptions are said to be a side-effect of her jealous rages and her epic quarrels with her siblings are legendary. This perfume embodies her gentler, benign aspect as the capricious Goddess of Dance: muguet and Hawaiian white ginger enveloped by warm, damp tropical blooms. Wet :The scent is sweet, light, and creamy. You can smell the floral it’s a very sweet and sugar like . Drying : It’s a fluffy smell light and thick with floral and wine wrapped around a pot of honey. Dry : The flower notes become stronger it’s like bouquet of freesia ,orchids, lily's, and white roses bundled together . It reminds me of my sisters wedding . The sun is glowing, white flowers and rose peddles lay on each step. Little tea light flames dance in evening dew.. The heightens flower scent and opened bottle of wine mix together. But you can feel the mist that falls from the man made waterfalls. It’s a very claming peaceful scent for me. Aftermath : The scent is wonderfully and sinfully sweet and floral. It is very lady like scent innocent yet very charming . I can see why so many become addicted to this scent and can’t get enough of it. It’s lovely but it’s to lovely for my taste I think my older sister would enjoy this scent.
  10. SpinalDesign

    Kweku Anansi

    Wet :The scent is crisp . I wouldn’t say over bracingly strong . You can smell cracked black pepper with a strong hit of thyme . Drying : It’s drying into a deeper smell of black pepper thyme and I want to say rosemary. Dry : The smell of wet lemon grass comes through the pepper, thyme, rosemary and clove to me . It has a sweet and sour effect like Greek olives do... but it’s a crisp clean scent . You have to draw the smell in.... to really smell the different notes. It dose have a wood like smell but I get so much of a earthly sent like being next to lake in the early shadow mornings. So you have that dew like fog smell as a drifting sent lingers around you . I like it but to me it's more for man. Aftermath : The scent is intriguing, mysterious, and dark. Sort of a brooding effect off your skin. It’s not my taste in a smell I would wear... Even tho I really do enjoy the darker notes then the floral notes on my skin it became more sour . It is a great scent tho... thank you lab for letting me try it !!
  11. SpinalDesign

    How to remove scents from your skin

    Shockingly baby wipes work . It take off any scent on my skin. It took off a spilled imp of black phoenix off my arm and eh that was really strong. tho I love that smell if there is to much it’s just killer. That or rub baby powder into your skin both work for me .
  12. SpinalDesign

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Gluttony no no bad !! What ever you do don't use gluttony..Um I think tarot: the sun would it's a really great smell ! Oh and good luck !!
  13. SpinalDesign


    Wet :Heavy, smoky touch like a incense would have .Straight out of the bottle it’s a loud wicked smell of cinnamon. It reminds me of the bundle's of cinnamon sticks sold at the store where you snap them in half and the smell just snaps back at you . Underneath the rich cinnamon smell the musky sandalwood comes into play. Drying : It’s drying to a deeper smell of hickory cinnamon sandalwood still very rich and smoky. Dry : The cinnamon fades and the sandalwood and patchouli take over . It’s still very rich in it’s blend .You can smell different spices lifting off of your skin. But there is a black pepper mix with a strong wood like smell behind it.. It’s very strong on my skin I can smell it all around me . Aftermath : The scent is strong yet playful . This would be a smell I would wear to a coffee house or a jazz club. It’s has a fun yet wicked vibe to it. It has a New Orleans type of feel to me. Chaos all around with a wicked touch sexual prowl . I love this smell and I love the vibe it gives off .
  14. SpinalDesign


    Thanks to the lovely malanna I got this imp today and had to write about it !! Wet : My first impressions was it was way to strong for me. It smelt like my aunt when she over dose it with her alcohol like perfumes. I took a second sniff and it’s smelt like alcohol spilt on dried dirt. Everyone knows if you spill liquid on dry dirt a dirt cloud forms off the ground. But I guess that would fit a cemetary theme no ? Drying : The alcohol took on more of spicy smell over a dew covered roses. the dirt lessen just a little so the flower smell could peek over. The rose took more control over the whole smell for a little while. Dry : The scent starts to decompose into a watered wash wood with a dash of cinnamon with hints rose dew. The sent just drift off me.. it lingers in the air as I walked about the house. It’s very dark scent. It’s not a scent you would go “Oh that's such a sweet candy perfume !” It’s far from a flora powder sent. It’s a sent for like a rainy day or like what other said a walk in cemetery or a candle lit room. Aftermath : The scent is peaceful to me . Nothing over strong or draws out a human emotions to display like black phoenix would do to me. It’s more of shadow over casting feeling. I love this sent very much. The rose stands out on my skin but it’s a deeper rose sent. Like a dried rose left in a vase over time. It’s a very clean soft scent . I will have to buy a 5ml of this very soon. My friend agrees it fit my personality . To him it smell mysterious and hunting .. to the point of being intrigued enough to follow me where I go. His say this is defiantly a ghostly zombie smell.
  15. SpinalDesign

    Where is this scent?

    tart your uber lucky today !! Hehe I agree with enoz as well