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  1. MsDebCastellano

    Milk & Honey

    This is by far my favorite TAL ritual oil so far! I love the way it settles on my skin and I use it with Lush's Imogen Rose. It smells delicious. Ritually speaking, I use it for my craft shows and it brings me both flirtation and sales, a perfection combination for me!
  2. MsDebCastellano


    If you take medication, use only a little of this scent and use it very cautiously. Also I would advise against drinking much alcohol while using this scent. I got to learn these lessons the hard way on my 35th birthday which I very glamorously spent with my head in the toilet. But that was totally my fault, I over did the scent application and the booze as I tend to get overly excited. On a "wooji"/ magical level, I found that since this scent was formulated in complete darkness, my bottle wanted to keep it that way. It didn't want to be put on my bathroom sink. It wanted to be carefully wrapped in black fabric and put in the bathroom medicine cabinet where it lives. I only take it out in my bathroom which has no windows. The scent is deliciously dark and used lightly, makes me feel sort of swoony like a gothic horror heroine. I hadn't thought to use it right before bed and I look forward to trying it out! I bet it would be awesome on a waning crescent moon!
  3. MsDebCastellano

    Mantle of Venus

    I really, really want to like this scent because I've gotten very into Venusian work, but it doesn't work well on me magically and the scent settles on me in a very powder-y "grandma style" perfume way which makes it hard for me to feel sexy and glamorous. Luckily, both magically and scent wise, if something doesn't work for me, it usually works for my hubs and vice versa. He uses this scent very nicely.
  4. I had thought I read the discontinued list carefully enough when it came out but when I went to re-order Hymn to Propserpine I saw that I did not. When I first started dating my now husband, I would wear HtP and he would wear Miskatonic University and we loved the way that we would smell together. I'm looking for something (or two to layer) that will get me pretty close to HtP, especially when smelled with Miskatonic University. Any ideas?