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    Music (M.Manson, Deftones/Crosses, NiN, A Perfect Circle, Jack off Jill/Scarling etc...) pop surrealism art, horror cinema and perfumes/perfume oils


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  1. Ataraxia Sorrow

    Looking for a BPAL similar to Sugar Witch

    Same question as you
  2. Ataraxia Sorrow

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Oh yes, used it moderately it is totall fine, just a small touch I think that during my breast feeding time I will do the same (even that my dr. said that it was ok.. it looks like that spanish doctors doesn't think the same :/
  3. Ataraxia Sorrow

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Thanks for the advice
  4. Ataraxia Sorrow

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Thanks so much for yourhelp!!! Just in case I didn't use any perfume oil 'cause like you, I'm into the foodie ones I didn't found anything about the breast feeding time..that's why I'm a bit worried but...I think that it would be ok
  5. Ataraxia Sorrow

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Hi there! I'm pregnant but my due date is just in two weeks! I had read a lot about that pregnant people needs to avoid essentials oils (and just in case I didn't used them...'til now...couldn't wait!!). I'm from Spain and I asked as well my doctors and all of them said to me that it wasn't a problem use them... as well during my breast feeding.... there's anybody like me?