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    Terra Caloris

    The Land of Heat: red musk flickering with hot red amber, red pepper, scorched thyme, frankincense, green cardamom, and Ceylon cinnamon. This is an unusual and intriguing semi-dry blend comprised of an almost but not too red hots candy cinnamon with flares of dried red pepper and cardamom, tempered with amber and frankincense, with a teensy bit of thyme giving it a faint herbal note. Certainly a hot smelling blend but as of this brief wrist skin test, not a burning skin blend. Slightly but not overly sweet, and though the cinnamon reminds me a bit of red hots candy it is not overly foody either. The focus of this blend on me goes towards a very hot, spicy, amber resin. I am looking forward to doing a full body run on this one because so far this is a standout.
  2. kbrown926

    Pleasures of the Imagination III

    Turkish tobacco, black leather, cinnamon, benzoin, and smoked honey. Hello you sexy thing. In the bottle, it is a very chewy tobacco with a few whiffs of spice. On the skin, however, this is a drier, honeyed pipe tobacco with just a hint of spice. Benzoin brings a slight incense element and the black leather here is a silky and supple expensive leather, one that breathes with your skin and environment. Low throw but decent staying power. I look forward to seeing this work of olfactory genius age. <3
  3. kbrown926

    Pleasures of the Imagination I

    Black leather, a powdery myrrh and a hint of amber. Clean and uncomplicated.
  4. kbrown926

    Pleasures of the Imagination II

    This is a hardened black leather with tobacco and sandalwood. On me, this is a clean, almost but not quite sharp blend. The leather floats out while the tobacco and wood lean in. There is something straightforward about this blend.
  5. kbrown926

    Absent Of Thee I Languish Still

    I received an imp of this lovely fragrance a few months back. I have been savoring every precious drop. On me it is smoke, beeswax, vanilla (maybe a vanilla bourbon) and a touch of light floral. If I could ask them for anything, I would love a bottle of this!
  6. kbrown926

    Nightmarchers v5

    Gorgeous! I recently purchased a bottle off Esty and wish I had more. It is a lovely combination of vanilla, lavender, dark resins and other things that tease out from the blend. Maybe musk, light touch of floral, maybe even light coconut but not sure. On me, the blend goes on dark but develops into the incense shop of your dreams. Makes me want to beg the Lab on bended knee to release this scent. Be still my heart!
  7. kbrown926

    Seven Herbs Charm

    On me, it goes on very strong lemon pledge, but then it fades to a very subtle lemon herbal with a touch of vanilla.
  8. kbrown926

    Gingerbread Jolly Roger

    Woot! A food inspired blend that is not foody on me! Ginger and spices mixed with salt, wood, rum, and a hint of leather. The sea note is not too aquatic, just fresh, like brisk salt air skimming the deck of a ship, over an open chest of spices and a pirate standing nearby. Very unusual but lovely unisex blend.