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    Ulalume, Mercury, Old Morocco, Snake Oil, Aureus, Samhain, Djinn, Gingerbread Poppet, Hunter Moon, Red Moon, Roadhouse...I'm currently obsessd by the idea of trying all of the Voo Doo oils. Almost all of the BPALs I've had the fortune to try work wth my body chemistry. I usually veer towards very resinous, amber, musky, dark, mysterious, sexy scents, but am lately digging very woodsy ones (Ulalume) and the light florals like Hymn and Envy.

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    Knitting, art, fashion, smelling nice.
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    Virgo-libra cusp, moon in libra, libra rising.
  1. glampyre


    Loviatar is a little too dark for me. The vetiver is really amped up on my skin. Usually, the darker woodsier notes are not so strong when mixed my personal chemistry. If you've been looking for a really dark, woods note, this would be perfect.
  2. glampyre


    On me, Eclipse smells like warm, spiced butterred rum. Deicious!
  3. glampyre


    I can definitely see how this fits into the Funereal Oil category. A very light, delicate incense wafting over dried flower petals on a cold stone altar.
  4. glampyre


    If you know me at all, you know it's "love me, love my Djinn," so I was very excited to come accross an imp of Lilith. On me, it's quite light and sweet on application, and never does mellow to the deep and sexy notes that other people above report. It's still very pretty. Another interesting example of Skin Chemistry At Work.
  5. glampyre


    Soft pretty floral with a slightly citrus sweetness. There is a delicate sandalwood in the backgroud. Very very pretty!
  6. glampyre


    Deep, dark, deliciously clovey. If you wear Masabakes, you're not messing around. It's very beautiful and intense. If, like me, you're a fan of the "dark" BPALs, this is one of the darkest!
  7. glampyre


    I think this smells like a mellow spice tea, sweetened with honey.
  8. glampyre


    Baghdad On first application, I thought there was cinnamon in this...but it must be the nutmeg. Baghdad is spicy, creamy, Reminiscent of "Morocco", but creamier. It's very deep and decadent, and I imagine it would make for a great massage oil scent. I LOVE it, both on application and drydown! So glad I ordered 10mL!
  9. glampyre


    Grog is a gorgeous, buttery rum scent. Perfect for these autumn days when the the leaves are golden, light starts to dim in late afternoon, and even early evening gives the sense that anything could happen in these dark, cobblestone streets. In the bottle: Rich, delicious butterscotch. At first applicatoin: Creamy buttery rum. Later: Delightful, relaxing, creamy buttered rum. I've seen Grog recently listed on a drink menu at a bar here intown. I was hesitant to order it...but NOW...I have to!!
  10. glampyre


    A raven-haired Fairy Queen of Ireland. One of her eternal duties dictates that she must hold a midnight court every season and hear the pleas of married Irishwomen. The court serves only to determine whether or not husbands are adequately serving their wife’s sexual needs. A judicious yet powerfully sensual blend, a mingling of justice and sexuality: sage, sweet pea, bold pale musk and warm tonka. I think Aeval is one of my absolute favorites. It's a perfect blend of heady musk and the delicate sweet floral...I mixed an imp in with an unscented lotion, so I can drench myself in it. I want everything around me to smell like this...all the TIME. ADDED Oct. 25: Aeval is one of my absolute favorites! I love it so much that I poured an imp into a lusciously thick jojoba body lotion, so that I can wear it all over...it scents my sheets, towels, and pillow. I think that the sweetpea is perfect in this...lightens up and balances out the the musk and tonka. I usually favor the darker, deeper, resinous notes, and this is a nice, bright, sweet alternative for the warmer months.
  11. glampyre


    Lionheart Like Penance, my work situation is quite stressful. Add to that the pressure of living in a foreign country and trying to make decisions as to life path, career, family...and it makes for one STRESSFUL life. Since acquiring a bottle of Lionheart, I've used it with candles and on my skin. I find that it does radiate a beautiful warm glow. This oil is great for meditations involving positive visualization. As to the scent, I agree that it is '...similar to Crucible of Courage only with a different floral note'
  12. glampyre

    Crown of Success

    I've found this oil to be quite effective. I've been using it in meditations, on candles, in the oil burner, and on my skin. In terms of the scent...incredibly dark, and quite wearable...it reminds me of ground black pepper.
  13. glampyre


    On my skin, Eris is dark fruits mingled with deep spices. This one drew a coworker from down the hall, she was fascinted.
  14. glampyre

    The Raven

    The Raven is a member of the family of scents that BPAL is famous for...those dark, incensey, deep-thinking, dreamy scents. Very transportive and delicious.
  15. glampyre


    Glasya is yet more evidence that patchouli can be a wearable, sophisticated scent. I love this! It has so many of my favorite notes, the red patchouli, musk, ylang ylang...it's really just perfect.