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  1. Soshoni


    The decant I received was from 2009. Wow. Popping open the vial releases a rich caramel scent. I don't get anything else from the perfume itself, just caramel. Wet, it retains that nothing bit caramel smell for about a minute, before all of a sudden I get sweet and tart apple. The way the two smells developed was just like biting into a caramel apple. Dry, I have a lovely sweet apple with a creamy caramel overlay. The coconut has also made a bit of an appearance. After a few hours, I'm left with nothing but a hint of coconut on the skin. Definitely worth it if you like apples or caramel scents.
  2. Soshoni

    The Lion

    Mine is from 2011. This oil is gorgeous to look at - a lovely deep red. While wet, it's sharp and hot - the spice is a bit strong. Dry, it's mostly amber with some lingering warmth from the spice. After it fades, I'm left with a bit of sweetness on the skin. I don't remember liking this as much back when I first got it, but it's super lovely on my skin now.
  3. Soshoni

    Le Revenant

    This perfume is from 2011. It's a gorgeous white floral, kept from being overpowering by the sandalwood and cognac. Wet, the dominant scent is gardenias. Once it dries, the floral scent is more complex, with the other flowers shining through, and picking up the smooth richness of the sandalwood. I have to really try in order to pick out the cognac, but its the note that blends it together on my skin. After about four hours, this has faded to a faint hint of gardenias and sandalwood on my skin. Lovely.
  4. Soshoni

    Have there ever been any Bee themed Scents?

    One of my more cherished pet names that I've been called is bee themed, so I'd be all over a bee themed scent. I actually held off reading the thread for a few, because I was afraid the answer would be no. Killer Swarm will be going on the list for sure, even though I was hoping for happier bees, lol. That's delightfully evocative. I want beeswax oozing with wildflower honey now, but I didn't make it up to the farmer's market today.
  5. Things that caused me a few head scratches: Sniffie/Empty - An imp or bottle that doesn't have any usable amount of oil left in it. Just enough to get a whiff or teaser of the scent. Cleanly tested - A toothpick or other disposable implement was used to test instead of applying directly to the skin from the bottle or cap. Some people have concerns about contamination/eventual spoilage of the perfume by skin oils, or the transmission of germs from swapping perfume that hasn't been cleanly tested. YMMV - this thread goes into more detail. Aged - Some perfumes develop and deepen over time. You'll occasionally see people looking for older bottles of their favorite scents, even if those scents are still available brand new. Unimpable - Refers to a perfume only available as a bottle from the Lab, such as Limited Edition scents and special series like the Neil Gaiman scents, etc. Imps vs. Decants - Some people use imp only to refer to the sample size perfume vials direct from the Lab. Decants are similarly sized sample vials created by individuals who purchased a bottle and decanted it into smaller vials at home. Imp is also sometimes used as a general term to refer to any sample sized vial. Decants are usually from unimpable offerings. Xxxxxxx 20## - When a year is listed after the name of the Perfume, it's usually a LE scent that has been re-released year after year, like some of the Halloween and Yule scents.
  6. Soshoni


    Hermia is a lovely, spicy, floral blend that I'm super sad to see is discontinued now. I've worn it for years. Wet, this is peppery and almost fruity. It's honestly hard to tell what other notes there are at this point because of the sharp bite of the pepper. Right before it dries fully, once the pepper has started to mellow, the florals jump out sharply, giving me a very weird five minutes of a discordant blend. Not something I wear out while still wet out of respect for people's sneezes. Dry is where this perfume really shines, and is why I love it. The pepper and floral scents have mellowed, and the amber blends it all together. I have to really, really try to make out individual notes at this point, because its turned into a lovely whole that has a bit of zing and class to it. This scent will linger on my skin for hours, which is another bonus personally, because most scents don't last that long on me.
  7. Soshoni

    Pumpkin Masala Rooibos

    It smells like something I would drink - like a warm, sweet and spicy herbal tea. Wet, it's predominantly butterscotch and cinnamon. On me, both of those are overpowering enough that I can't pick out anything else. Once dry, it smells vaguely of cinnamon, with the butterscotch and faintly of rooibos and coconut. I love this scent, but I've never been able to pick out the pumpkin, and it fades to a very faint coconut after just a couple of hours.
  8. Soshoni

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'll add those to the list, thank you so much, Teaker!
  9. Soshoni

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    I use fractionated coconut oil now instead of straight up coconut oil. It doesn't have a coconut scent, and stays liquid even at lower temps. A drop of it on the skin before or after applying the perfume oil allows me to spread and diffuse the oil.
  10. Soshoni

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    This is such a nifty topic. I wish I could actually help others, but my top five are: 1) Hermia 2) Le Lethe 3) Hygeia 4) Thousands of Lights 5) The Ta-Ta Le Lethe smells absolutely stunning and sultry on me. I've gotten compliments on it from strangers. My ex bit my wrist when I asked their opinion. Which might also have something to do with me shoving my arm in their face, but still.
  11. Soshoni

    Dragon's Bone

    With how lovely Dragon's Blood is on me, I had high hopes for Dragon's Bone. It smelled like a dry, vaguely floral, pleasantly thick in the imp. Unfortunately, on me, it smells like dog biscuits and gardenias while wet. Once dry, it just smells like dog biscuits.
  12. Soshoni

    Dragon's Blood

    This is one of the truest from bottle to skin, and from wet to dry scents that I have. It's a strong and fresh floral. Jasmine comes across pretty clearly. Its a warm, wet scent, not dried and powdery like some florals tend to go. While still wet, this is a bit overpowering - I wouldn't apply it fresh right before heading out. It mellows somewhat as it dries, without losing any of its tones. I can get a couple of hours wear from this.