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  1. BagOfGenevieves

    Suggestion scents?

    yes yes. I so agree. that would be awesome to have those.
  2. BagOfGenevieves

    Suggestion scents?

    Okay so I am sitting here watching catching fire, and then I think, they should make the hunger games, divergent, and mortal instrument series oils. its a suggestion, and I didn't know where else to get anyone else's opinion on the matter, so I posted it here. I hope I don't get in trouble for this either because I am still new and don't know where to post suggestions yet. I'm a big fan of the three series, and I just thought it would be cool if they could experiment with making oils based off of those. So what do you guys think? yay or nay??
  3. BagOfGenevieves

    RPG Combos

    I just did the evil mage and I don't know what to make of it...its...sharp, but I think I put too much evil on accident..at first though, it smelled...weirdly good to me, though they both have berries, it reminded me of something you would smell around thanksgiving or just in between thanksgiving and Christmas..but as I said, I put too much of one or the other on, and somehow after a few minutes it smells like berries mixed in with a skunk...but that's my opinion, you can try it, and decide for yourselves. oh and fighter+ranger is awesome, though the leather in fighter is overpowering everything else now that the scent has dried down. I definently will be trying some of the other combinations, and I love how the one person described the druid scent when I looked at reviews for druid, so that looks promising.
  4. BagOfGenevieves


    My oh my! this one is by far my favorite that I have at home as of now. I can really smell the leather and musk, and a little hint of steel, and a dabble of blood. some people say it smells like different things, but there's a girl I work with who loves it. my body works well with this to bring all the scents. it's like, "Oh you like that? SMELL THE AWESOME POWER OF MUSK, STEEL, AND BLOOD!!'
  5. BagOfGenevieves


    I think I can smelt he opium tar, which just, I like it, but I don't like it at the same time. it's weird, but I can really smell all the notes that I know what they smell like. like patchouli, and the opium tar, thought the opium overpowers most of the other scents. In short: I like it, but not enough to where I would wear it constantly. but if you like the ingrediants listed (Sorry I spelled that wrong), then this is for you.
  6. BagOfGenevieves


    I don't know if its my skin or just my nose, but I def smell the pine, and if there is other stuff I can't pick it out. I do like pine, and I am a woodsy person, so I love this oil.