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  1. Alistair miles

    Formula 312

    This one’s for the boys. An attraction oil for men geared towards stoking lust, magnetizing money, and bolstering good fortune. Wow I used this for a bit of fun with the so and dang does it work. Plus I got a new job. But back to the sexy times whoa did we have enthusiasm for hours. Dang! I only used it in a quick and simple sensuality ritual but whoa.
  2. Alistair miles

    Brown Thrasher

    Well in the bottle I get something like brown sugar with a touch of butterscotch. When wet on my skin the brown sugar steam rolls everything almost to the point where I have to wash it off. But! Wait when it starts to dry it takes on a sweet earthy tone that I adore. But it really shines when it's dry and been on me for a couple hours wow thus one did a three sixty for me! It's now a sweet earthy tobacco wonder with a hint of rum! I love it now! And to think I almost washed it off and re homed it!
  3. Alistair miles

    Foolish and Vacuous

    Very much a cologne. It starts a bit green maybe? But I find it shines on the dry down when it becomes a little more complex but never too deep. If any of that makes sense.
  4. Alistair miles

    There’s Water Here

    Wet this was a green aquatic with some very light floral business going on. Now I started to really like it when it dried down and got a bit of a sharp metal scent added. All in all not my favorite but very nice.
  5. Alistair miles


    To me this smells like a dusty masculine nothing. I'm not sure how that works but I like it. It's a sold guy scent an I am a fan.
  6. Alistair miles

    Café Mille et une Nuits

    I love this one it reminds me of back when I was in college and I sometimes studied at a coffee shop that was right next to a smoke shop. Absolutely wonderful memories. I will miss this once it's gone. but anyways it starts as a fairly even mix of tobacco and coffee with something that I can't quite identify (I assume the cardamom) and from there dries into a lovely spicy coffee with a hint of the shisha (truly wonderful in my opinion)
  7. Alistair miles

    Streets of Detroit

    Whoa this scent is possibly the best thing I have ever smelled hands down. First I get all black musk and something thick then the myrrh joins the party and whoa it manages to get even better.
  8. Alistair miles


    Ian starts as a butterscotch candy the quickly morphs into a sexy mix of leather and patchouli with a hint of sweetness. I absolutely love it.