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  1. bardsong


    I got citrus, too, which really isn't my thing at all. I have to concentrate to smell the rose, and I don't notice the amber at all until it dries down. It's definitely a strong scent, and one that requires further testing, because I'm not sure if I like it or not.
  2. bardsong

    Et Lux Fuit

    This smells like orangey vanilla. I can't detect the amber notes at all. But something is working here because this is the only vanilla scent I've tried that hasn't gone horribly rancidly sweet on my skin. It is definitely sunshine in a bottle, although it's not something I'd probably normally wear.
  3. bardsong


    This was the first BPAL I'd ever tried, and it is the only relatively floral scent with any kind of staying power. Maybe that's because of some of the other notes? At any rate, it's definitely a bitter floral, and I love the tea and cedar notes.
  4. bardsong

    The Coiled Serpent

    When I first applied this, it smelled like stale cigarette smoke to me. But it's dried down to a very woodsy patchouli. I don't think I'd wear this as a perfume, but I'll definitely have to try it for its intended purpose.
  5. bardsong

    Hunger Moon

    I love woodsy, earthy scents, and this one definitely qualifies. It's sweet and tangy, and I can definitely smell the sandalwood and the amber. I think the scent does remind me of Dublin, except that Dublin smells a bit sweeter to me.