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  1. cyborgcaitlin

    Impressions of the Floating World

    Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. So I had made a list of all the scents I wanted based on notes and patiently waited for reviews. As soon as someone said this smelled like LUSHs Lord of Misrule, it had to be mine. I got my order two days ago and only opened it today as I've been a bit busy so everything has had a chance to settle a bit. This was the first bottle I opened and yes YES YES. This is Lord of Misrule in a bottle. Sweet baby Jesus! I need a backup, maybe two.
  2. cyborgcaitlin

    Mare Forecunditatis

    This scent is so beautiful! I'm bummed I only have one bottle, it's just so lovely. This was an immediate favorite right out of my new hoard. It's all lovely sweet kitchen spices and I swear something buttery with a smooth nuttiness grounding the scent. It's gourmand, not foodie. Warm clove and nutmeg prominent playing with a perfumy sweet note that I think is the strawberry leaf, because it reminds me of something sweet like ripe berries but not quite in true form. More like strawberry scented tea. There is an ever so slightly herbal edge that rounds the whole thing out and it's just incredible. I can't stop hugging my wrists. It's everything fall embodied in a bottle. I'm going to be reaching for this frequently. I wish I had a hair gloss and bath oil to match!
  3. cyborgcaitlin

    Chaos Theory VII: Woods

    Oh god. What is happening here. Both my fiancé and I hate this one. I got it for him as he loves wood blends. It has this stinky smell in the bottle, and does not resolve on the skin. It's like some weird plastic BO smell mixed with chemical floor cleaner. Yikes. Bottle 40. Again very astringent. Eucalyptus or fern? And BO. Ick. Giving me a headache. The BO smell could be vegetal vetiver, not the rich sweet kind.
  4. cyborgcaitlin

    Chaos Theory VII: Animalic

    Weird one. Bottle 40. Very hard to discern. Smells green and astringent, like flower stems, in the bottle with something perfumey, a floral Either dandelion or honeysuckle. Herbal. I'm not sure what animalistic base was used. I'm not getting any leathers or strong musks popping out at me. Boo. Still, it's actually quite pretty on the dry down. Feminine, green, perfumey, light and clean. It reminds me almost of dryer sheets but not in a bad way. Not chemically. I'll probably give this to my sister. I can't stop smelling it even though it's not for me in any way. I really hated it at first and was dissatisfied with my blends but they've grown on me quickly, just not what I expected.
  5. cyborgcaitlin

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    Bottle 122 Strong mint coming from the box. Wintergreen or peppermint. Somewhat astringent. I was shocked and a bit disappointed that it was coming from my oriental bottle and not my woods bottle. On my skin. Mint. Mint mint mint. All the mint. 5 kinds of mint. Only mint. Mint forever. Sad. Could be great for migraine days, but I was really looking forward to resins incenses, rich vanillas or tonka. Dry down. Still very much mint, but softer. More vanilla mint, kind of like those vanilla butter mint candies. Maaaaaaybe the ever so slight hint of some exotic spice I can't identify, and something creamy floral I'm pretty sure is a hint of orange blossom. Soft peppermint is still the dominating characteristic, but it's dried to a very beautiful complex mint vanilla. I actually like this. It reminds me a lot of green tree viper, not quite identical, but very familiar.