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  1. DataPacRat

    Rational scents?

    True enough - TMBG have a pretty broad range of albums by this point. I was particularly thinking of their 'Here Comes Science'/'the ABCs'/'the 123s' approach, such as the ' '. Thank you all for your suggestions so far - I'm keeping a careful note of each one. I think my next step is to try posting in Wanted, and I expect I'll be referring to this thread when I do...
  2. DataPacRat

    Rational scents?

    The right colours can soothe; the right music can inspire; the right words can nudge actions. Why have I never tried using scent to help prime behaviour in any given way before? While I'm still new to the whole idea of BPAL, and am wondering how to get around the shipping costs to Canada, I do have at least one goal in mind for a scent to try: one that inspires cool, collected, rational and abstract thought. In visual terms, I'm looking for something along the lines of calm blue skies. In musical terms, Mozart or They Might Be Giants. In abstract terms, anything that's been used to store information: primarily paper-based books. In hermetic terms, elemental air, the sign of Libra, the planet Mercury, and the eighth sephirot of Hod. After skimming this thread, a good initial candidate seems to be Dee. I'm not sure that Miskatonic U quite fits; I'm looking for the academic without the creepy/mildewy. A couple of others from there that seem likely are Aziriphale or The Buggre Alle This Bible. But books alone do not a rationalist make - if you know a good scent for Gandalf/Dumbledore/Raistlin wizardry, or 'old English botanist puttering about with his samples in a lab', or 'Unix geek with glasses and beard', or anything of the sort, I'd appreciate the suggestions.