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  1. beezzzkneez

    A Thousand Thoughts, and Hopes, and Joys

    This is an amazing carnation scent. Morocco is one of my favourites and this definitely has a similar vibe - Morocco is more mellow on me, this starts with a strong blast of fresh carnation that morphs into a deeper, richer scent with the vanilla sweetness coming in. It settles into a really smooth, rich, sugary waft with the slightly sharp, spicy carnation dominating. I adore it.
  2. beezzzkneez

    Hello, Salzburg!

    This is one of my favourites out of the Travelogue scents I have tried. The purple fruitiness comes on pretty strong but it's not too juicy, more like a softly concentrated syrup that melds with the amber to something soothing - give me a big fluffy blanket and purple knitted socks in a sun warmed spot while I look out over a snowy landscape and this is exactly what this scene would smell like. The Travelogue scents are so brilliant and truly painting a picture in scent. This one is stunning.
  3. beezzzkneez

    Swing Carousel

    This is absolutely lovely - starts with the citrus from the orange peel, which is juicy and not bitter, very nice! What I love is that it's quite a substantial orange, I love citrus notes but of course they tend to fade quickly and have a sort of thin, high pitched quality. Not this! The amber and incense come in to keep the orange company, and together the with the sweet gingerbread they turn this into a softly spiced, delicious scent. It doesn't remind me of baked goods at all, though, it's more a sun warmed spice shop hung with dried slices of orange. I adore it.
  4. beezzzkneez

    Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria

    It starts out with a bit of sharp freshness from the Florida Water, which quickly turns into a sugary incense. I only get a sort of brown sugar sweetness from the sugar cookies, not any sense of baked goods. The lavender starts coming out and this stage is beautiful, comforting and warming, but not very strong. It fades to a very faint incense shored up by a load of lavender. It's soothing but I definitely need to slather, and I wish the incense held up a bit better against the lavender, but it's still a beautiful scent. I get more oomph out of Meditation Buddy, this one is like the sleepy little brother of that scent.