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  1. Thank you for those suggestions! I particularly like the sound of Wrath and War, and Le Lethe sounds intriguing. (Maybe I'll ask him for Bloodlust, Wrath, and War, and then I can scare people when they ask about my perfume collection : P)
  2. Yesterday my boyfriend asked what I'd like for Christmas, and I just had a thought today - maybe I can ask for my first full BPAL. As far as I know though he doesn't know much about perfumes, so I want to give him a selection of perfumes that he could buy me one from (that way, it's a surprise which one I get, but I know I'll probably like them). Back in January I ordered seven imps (which I have since misplaced, which I am very sad about): 51, Bloodlust, La Petite Mort, Lyonesse, Rapture, Whoso List to Hunt, and Malignant Dreams of Cthulu in Love. In order, my favourites were: Whoso List To Hunt Bloodlust Malignant Dreams Rapture The notes for Whoso List To Hunt, Bloodlust, and Rapture are: Dragon’s blood essence, heavy red musk, Indonesian patchouli and swarthy vetiver with a drop of cinnamon. Sensual brown musk, rich amber, English rose, oak bark, and moss. Moroccan rose, Sumatran rose, mandarin, Egyptian myrrh, night-blooming jasmine, bergamot and neroli thrust into Arabian musk. I couldn't find Malignant Dreams' on the BPAL site. Given those, what perfumes would you recommend, please?
  3. Bonehill

    The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love

    This is the first one I've 'reviewed' so bear with me. I'm using a decant in an imp bottle and applied it by wiping the stick onto my right wrist and rubbing them together. ItB - spicy and dark and red and ooh yes Straight onto skin - less dark on my skin, lighter (may be due to higher concentration in the imp). Dry - The spiceness has increased. It is darker on my left wrist compared to my right. I'm not sure about the chocolate people mention. Patchouli, I recognise that. Now mostly spicy and patchouli. I can apply the concept of chocolate to this smell, but it wouldn't be one I'd think of myself. Someone above commented "unburnt incense" and that I strongly agree with.