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  1. The Empress and Rose Red are two of the most pure rose scents I've tried. Spellbound is heavy on the incense, Black Rose and Blood Rose are both very deep and dark. Moon Rose is pretty, but on me the rose took a back seat. My favorite is by far Rose Red. I grow roses as a hobby (perhaps an obsession) and Rose Red smells exactly like a fresh cut rose - green stem and all. It's uncanny. It's got real lasting power, and as a room scent, it's to die for. Get it get it get it!
  2. Hi Pixie - I'd also add Regan to your list. It's a deep, rich vanilla...kind of like Tamora, but on my skin it's sweeter, since it doesn't have sandalwood in it. Good luck! Your list sounds wonderful.
  3. cluna

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XCVII In the bottle: Carnation in all its spicy glory. There's an undercurrent of...oh what is that? Floral. Orange. On my skin, carnation, with that nippy clove-like bite. This is going to take some getting used to. After about 20 minutes, the spice is starting to disperse. Now, things are getting interesting. Oh. My. God. There is the most magnificent change...Suprise! There's a deep floral in there (orris?) with a lighter floral note (orange blossom?) but I can't quite put my finger on it. A distant aquatic glimmer, like a trickling stream. There's a touch of bergamot, maybe myrrh, with a vague woodiness. I get the sense of walking in a dark forest - the tree canopy is very dense. Every now and then, the sunlight breaks through, and lights my path. This is one deep, spicy scent for sure! Very mysterious. Very alluring.