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  1. You might look into Pink Snowballs (pink rose, vanilla, snow), which I can only describe as a candied rose scent for people who don't like florals or cloyingly sweet scents. I know you said you tend to amp rose, but the rose in this one is so well-balanced and enough people have stated in the reviews that the scent doesn't really morph over time that I think you might be able to get away with it here.
  2. DovaKitten

    Geisha in a State of Rumpled Annoyance

    The other reviews here are very similar to my experience, but I'll add my two cents. Wet on skin: LAVENDER and ginger. Perhaps there is also some rice wine here? It's sort of astringent. Dry down: The same, but the white plum blossom is coming out more and more. It's a white floral, not juicy or fruity. I can't place what this smells like exactly ... I'm getting an association with medicine and also with a bath product that my mom used to use when I was young. It's not cough syrup-y medicine, by the way. It's more like "I try to treat things naturally so sometimes herbs gain medicinal association." Dry: I agree with Jangzonrice: "This is nice, but becomes more floral than I thought it would be. Nice feminine perfume for spring." I would add that this is very well-blended and smells sort of like a high end perfume. I like it a lot and almost want to get a bottle just to add diversity to my collection, but I'm not sure. We'll see.
  3. DovaKitten

    The Nun and the Courtly Lady

    Gwydion's review is a better description of my experiences than mine is going to be, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Wet, this is assertively BERGAMOT. It's so citrus it's almost astringent, but also a little peppery. I think that peppery note might be the tobacco flower, but I can't be certain because I have no idea what tobacco flower smells like. As it dries down, it turns into ... evergreen? pine sap? That's weird. Oh, wait, nope. Not weird. Wikipedia says that benzoin "appears as off-white crystals, with a light camphor-like odor," so that explains it. The pepper and the sap notes make this a very masculine scent to me. It smells like something my stepfather would wear. There is a little sweetness, but I wouldn't that I get recognizable honey or sandalwood. I'm sure they'll make themselves known as it fades. All in all, a very refined and perhaps even traditional (for BPAL) unisex scent, but it smells too much like my stepdad for me to want to wear it. Off to swaps!
  4. DovaKitten

    Orgy with Nine Women

    I am familiar with exactly one of these notes (honey), so take this review with a grain of salt. To me, it smells ... sweet-boozy, almost foodie as soon as I put it on. Then a strong, white floral begins to come up from the depths and make itself known. It reminds me of a Yule scent, maybe Dread Puddings, but without the tendency to turn into straight maple syrup. I'm guessing that's the mixture of bourbon vanilla and honey. By process of elimination, I'm going to say that the tobacco is spicy, sort of ... herbal? It's hard for me to describe. It definitely doesn't smell like cigarette smoke or even cigarettes, which is good. It's a lovely note, whatever kind of note it is. I would actually classify this as a foodie scent rather than a classically perfumey scent, but ymwv. If there weren't so many other fantastic blends this Lupercalia, I'd probably go for a bottle. As it is, I think I'll get a little nit-picky over the magnolia (I'm very particular about my florals) and pass it along.
  5. DovaKitten

    Treasure Ship Coming In

    The mint in this is nowhere near as strong as in the Lick It series, but it still has a cooling effect on my sinuses when I sniff it too close. (I love that, incidentally. It's what keeps me coming back to mint blends, even though the mint never stays this strong.) There is a really lovely balance here between the mandarin and the peppermint. It reminds me a bit of Disco Snowballs, but I like this blend better. (That one kind of smelled like orange juice and toothpaste, which was nice but also created a really unfortunate association.) I think it's the musk that makes the difference. It's giving this a sweet and almost-creamy depth. I absolutely love this blend and it is so very upsetting because I'm really trying to narrow down the bottles I need. Sigh.
  6. DovaKitten


    I'm getting peru basalm, patchouli, and tea. The tea and the wood notes are very, very strong, and the patchouli gives them an even more earthy depth. There's something almost peppery here, too. I'm not getting much in the way of citrus notes or vanilla. The citrus is there, but it's very closely entwined with the black tea. The vanilla might be adding a bit of creaminess in the background. Or maybe I'm imagining it? I'd recommend this blend for anyone who likes woodsy and earthy scents. It reminds me too strongly of my godmom's massage room, making me feel kind of weird about wearing it. That's okay. I'll pass it along.
  7. DovaKitten

    Diversions in the Chashitsu

    This is the perfect description for this blend, honestly. It is apple-y, but if you're expected the sort of bright green or candy apple scent you get from commercial "apple" scents, you're going to be disappointed. This is like pressing your nose into a just-picked apple. Very fresh and juicy, but also light and restrained. It's more the white scent of apple flesh than the red or green scent of apple skin. I'm afraid I don't know the other scents well enough to place them. I can tell for certain that I'm not getting much in the way of sandalwood, which I can almost always pick out from a blend. I would say the next strongest scent is probably ... bamboo? It's kind of a woodsy scent, but not as strong as other wood notes I've smelled. This lackluster review has made me realize I need to find a way to smell green tea on its own so that I can place it. In the meanwhile, I'll add this decant to the slowly-decreasing pile of scents I'm considering purchasing as 5 ML. Would recommend.
  8. DovaKitten

    Unmasking the Sambasô Dancer

    Mmmm. This is what I imagine my skin would smell like if I rubbed the best orange peel over a lovely but faded perfume. There's just enough complexity to keep this from being a one-note scent, and that amber that doesn't turn to powder on my skin (which I've found exists! in the Lupers!) is lovely in the background, but the non-fruity notes very much background scents. I can get a few whiffs of rose every now and again, but if that's the note that's making you iffy about this blend, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm going to try this on DovaPuppy. It's surprisingly unisex, and I'd like to see what it does with his chemistry.
  9. DovaKitten

    Womb Furie

    Good news: I've figured out why I've struggled so hard to like Snake Oil. It's the myrrh. No matter how it ages or what it's blended with, it has myrrh, which is a death note for me. It is a little bit darker and deeper than my aged Snake Oil decant, if that makes sense. It's also making my wrist burn, so I'm gonna go wash it off. Verdict: If you like Snake Oil, you'll probably like this. If you and myrrh are locked in an eternal death match, probably not.
  10. DovaKitten

    There is a Garden in Her Face

    It's definitely a skin chemistry thing, JasminDreams. On me it is a very, very pretty floral without even the faintest hint of honey (my skin has not liked honey notes lately, ymmv). There is a BRIEF moment in the drydown phase that I thought, "Oh, old lady soap," but it quickly passed. (Also worth nothing: I think most florals smell like old ladies.) It's a nice perfume if you like light florals, very feminine and soft. Unfortunately, I need something sweet and foodie to balance out my floral scents right now (Pink Snowballs is my HG rose scent), and the honey just isn't strong enough for me. I happily will pass this along to someone who can appreciate it for what it is.
  11. DovaKitten

    Lovers in the Tea House

    Mmm. I don't get much booze, although I do get a kind of sharpness that might be sake? Mostly what I get is amber and sandalwood held in check by sharp, bright citrus (huh?). I can smell the matcha as a delicious and slightly floral note, but if I had to guess without knowing what's in this, the only notes I would have gotten are amber and sandalwood. I would have guessed "something fruity," too, which isn't in the description but may be coming from the red bean paste? Anyway, it's delicious and reminds me (strangely) of something my mother would wear, placing it at the top of my bottles list. I'd also like to note that this is the first BPAL amber that hasn't gone straight to powder on my skin.
  12. DovaKitten

    Tweedledum Bonbon

    Oh my God. Oh my God, yes. This may be the first time in history that I have picked a BPAL because it sounded amazing and it turned out to be just as amazing on my skin. Normally I kind of try to rope in a variety of scents because my chemistry + BPAL's oils tend to be an unpredictable match, but this ... This is everything I wanted it to be. It's the kind of scent that reads as warm but would be great to wear in summer weather too. It's definitely fruity, with a sort of green (fig and mango) juiciness right up front, but it's anchored in white chocolate and this beautiful hazelnut cream. Really, really delicious. The patchouli and green tea are definitely here, but I think what they do is mostly just give this a more perfume-y and grown-up feel, because otherwise the notes could go straight to middle school lipgloss territory. As it warms and dries, I'm getting more patchouli over the white chocolate and hazelnut cream with much less fruit. It's still beautiful, but different. It's now more of an off-white scent than a green one. I love them both, but I kind of want to get a scent locket now so that I can actually wear them both instead of having one fade so quickly into the other. This would make a beautiful room fragrance for those of you who don't like to wear foodie scents, but as for me, I want to bathe in it. I'm going to test it all on its own after it settles down, and then I'll probably purchase at least one bottle. Possibly two.
  13. DovaKitten

    Deadly Nightshade Honey Bonbon

    Immediately on, I thought, "NOPE," but it is unexpectedly starting to grow on me. Unlike the previous reviewers, I am not getting a big hit of honey. I get a green floral and sweetness, almost like unripened fruit. I have to close my eyes and really focus to get any chocolate. I imagine it's like a dark backdrop, making the bright colors of the other notes stand out without making much of an impression on its own. The honey does start to show itself more strongly as it warms and dries, and I think it will eventually overwhelm the nightshade, but I can't complain because I love both notes. All in all, I don't think the chocolate has made enough of an appearance to warrant me buying the LE version of this scent, but I will definitely put Deadly Nightshade Honey on my list for GC bottles to purchase.
  14. DovaKitten

    Blood Kiss Bonbon

    Mmmmm. I've never tried Blood Kiss, and actually wouldn't have picked it out for myself. The only reason I got this blend was because I went whole hog with the bonbons, and I am SO glad I did. It is juicy, sweet, fruity, and surprisingly innocent. To me it smells like the juicy red filling inside a fine, rich dark chocolate shell. There's some kind of "headshoppy-ness" too, like sweet incense, maybe vetiver and clove? I don't normally like vetiver, but it's lovely in this blend. There's maybe some honey in here adding sweetness, but it's not HONEY honey. I'm not getting much vanilla, but if my previous experience with BPAL holds true, I'm sure I'll find it as this scent starts to wear off. None of the notes are really standing up to announce themselves, but they're really gorgeously blended and totally wearable. It actually kind of reminds me of my beloved Cerberus, but I'm not sure why that is. It's more of a ~feeling~ than anything else. So far, this has been the biggest hit of the bonbons for me (two left to go!), and the only one I'd consider getting a bottle of. First I'm going to wait and test again when it's settled.
  15. DovaKitten

    Lust Bonbon

    This reminds me of Velvet. The chocolate itself is very dark and dry, but the overall effect of it blending with the other notes is sweet, resinous, and powdery. It reminds me a lot of Velvet--so much so that I would probably not be able to tell the two apart in a blind sniff test, although I like this one better. As it warms up, I get lovely hints of patchouli and and red musk, which give this scent depth and keep it from being pure, sweet chocolate powder. There's no cinnamon here, though, and I don't know the scent of ylang ylang well enough to know if it is contributing to that Velvet-like sweetness or ... doing something else. Boomtownrat's description is very similar to my experiences, especially this bit: "a sour sweetness emerges." I kind of like that because it takes away from the overwhelming sweetness of before, but I could see how someone else would not. Closing my eyes and sniffing, I get ... patchouli but blended in so well that it's more of a feeling of patchouli than patchouli standing up and declaring itself, an almost baby-powder sort of scent that I am learning probably means myrrh is not for me, something sexy and perfume-y that I'm guessing is the red musk, and ... that's about it. Did my skin drink the chocolate? It was there during the application, but now I'm not getting any of it. The application area is warm to the touch, but that's all the cinnamon I ever got. I actually think this does have the potential for sexiness, as when I closed my eyes and pressed my nose to the skin, there was a moment where I went, "Oooh," followed by something that threatened to give me a headache. I'll have to come back to this after it's settled for a while, hopefully when I don't have Absinthe Bonbon competing for my attention further up my arm.