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  1. waxingpoetic


    Oh, Kathmandu... You're perfect. I was convinced to buy an imp of this when I read all the reviews about it here on the forums, and I was totally taken in by the images of Sacred Temples and incense and Magic. I was not disappointed! Imp: A rush of too many scents. Initially, very scared to wear this. But I bought it, so I might as well keep to my "try a new scent every day" plan. Wet: Romance! Adventure! Riding Horses through the tundra to an ancient Buddhist temple, wrapped in scarves and silks! This is exactly what I wanted in a perfume. Dry down: The cedar has a lot of throw, but maybe thats because I put it in the ends of my hair, and it's next to my nose (where it should be) so I can smell it. I don't get Masculine vs. Feminine in this. It smells old, and daring, and magical. Which I approve of. The sweetness of the Lotus rides along side the Cedar, giving me images of walking through a huge temple, cold sweet air blowing through the windows. Can you tell how much I love this? 14 year old me is so happy that I finally found something to bring the witchy part of me out to play. Since the weather is starting to get cold, I'm probably going to wear this one often. A 5ml bottle is directly in my future.