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    White mint, lime rind, champaca flower, khus, juniper berry, and matcha tea. Aaah I can't believe I'm the first to review this! Just got my bottle today. In the bottle: Holy delicious mint, Batman. Mmmm. Reminds me a little of the minty filling in a York peppermint patty. Sweet and light and brisk and strangely creamy? Wet on my skin: Oooh. Minty still, but with those pretty bright greeny scents coming out. It stays strangely creamy but it also gains a little floraly hint, like a bloom opening up from a little green bud. If mint had a flowering stage, that would be it for me. Ooooh delicious. It actually cools my skin where I put it, I think, although that could be just my imagination? Drying: The mint fades slowly, letting the floral-y notes bloom... and then it's almost as if you can feel them drying up. The scent stays pretty strong throughout, surrounding me in a cloud -- but I almost entirely lose the minty citrusy zing in favor of dry warm incensey tea and dried flower. It turns strangely familiar actually, like a perfume my grandmother might have worn -- pleasant, but nonetheless still old-lady perfume. I want to know where all my bright minty sweetness went! I guess my skin swallowed it up. Verdict: I like this a LOT in the bottle and wet. If it stayed that way I would have ordered more. As it stands I will probably hold onto it and try it again on a different day, after it's settled from being shipped. Delicious but I don't know if it's something I couldn't live without. ETA: I have discovered, changing clothes to go out, that it is somehow still minty in my cleavage... Now I don't know what to think, lol!