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    Revenant Rhythm Bath Oil

    A tousled, sexy mix of patchouli, vanilla, and hemp. Oh boy... First to review and my first review in a loooong time. Well, here. We. Go! To preface this: I have a bottle of Banshee Beat (aged, but not quite as aged as OG BB) to compare. As a moisturizer... In the Bottle: It smells a bit like aged BB, but the vanilla is more prominent. Overall, it is a bit light smelling. The Patchouli is there, faint though. There is a bit of Oak-y Hemp wafting out too. More clearly as the Patchouli, but not as much as the Vanilla. Wet: There's that famous Patchouli of the BB kind! My skin amps Patchouli anyway, but this is still like a slightly lighter BB, probably good for Work places! The Vanilla is swirling around Patchouli in a delicate dance for dominance while that Oak-y Hemp keeps a delicate rhythm in the back. 10 Minutes of Drying: The Oakish note has dispersed into the backdrop and the Hemp note reached a crescendo, turning the Creamy Patchouli into a more dark yet lively scent. Dry: The notes are in full Harmony on my skin. Blended beautifully and complimentary. It wears close to the skin without it being cloying for those around who fear Patchouli. I don't, but people I work with... Do. Verdict: Hoarde Worthy Keeper. Perfect for the work place (if you don't amp it crazily) I get wafts of Green Vanilla and Patchouli every now and again.
  2. Valtiel

    Antique Lace

    I was lucky enough to have found a partial of this, XCDL13 and Elf v4! In the bottle: Not sure if this makes a lick of sense, but it smells viscous. Thick. Light and wistful vanilla musk. But, thick in the oil. Wet on skin: The perfect, non-foody vanilla and musk. Do I smell Linden Blossom? Dry down: The linen note that the Lab uses, continues to amaze me! Other linen notes are just the worst for my skin! Anyhow, the vanilla musk is still predominate and wistfully beautiful! I'm certain that there is linden in here! Verdict: It lasts and lasts! I am in love. I'm either going to have to hunt another partial bottle down or just be forgetful that I even have it
  3. Valtiel

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    I'm surprised that I haven't reviewed this yet! This is it. My favourite scent bpal has offered... I got into bpal on my birthday in 2013, but eyed their oils since 2006 @,@. In the bottle: Lovely cream and amber! The cream has this delicate vanilla orchid powder to it. The amber could be adding that dusky powder however. Upon a longer huff of the bottle, comes the teak. Just a faint wood though! Wet: Almost the same as in the bottle. Except the teak comes out to stabilize and the aquatic-sweet lotus adding a ethereal foreground! Dry: The teak plays a more quiet, yet dominant role. The amber is sweet, powdery-resin on me and the cream-vanilla orchid-Esque note swirls with that soft lotus and blankets the amber and teak! Verdict: It is absolutely, without a doubt, gorgeous! It has a medium throw and it lasts.
  4. Valtiel

    Bog water etc.

    Not sure if this'll work, but O on me smells of stale boggish water and play-doh hell...?
  5. Valtiel

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Goblin for Banshee Beat Reflected Vulva for MLAST Maybe Black Death for Mme Moriarty? I am not sure for Feed Me nor Tombstone...
  6. Valtiel

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    The combo I'm thinking of trying is House of Unquenchable Fire (lately I've been spraying my clothes the night before) with Hesoid's Phoenix, and Snake Oil Hg.
  7. Valtiel

    Rational scents?

    Burning Book perhaps?
  8. Valtiel

    Braving the Ice

    White mint cookies with a drizzle of pomegranate cream, dusted with confectioner's sugar. I ended up buying two bottles by accident. Now I bought it because I love Brian's work and the notes seemed perfect... In The Bottle: Buttered popcorn doom! That's all I can smell. It's not the same as Mouse Circus, which the popcorn is not powerful. Wet: Still in your face theatre popcorn. Nothing else... Dry: Popcorned mint and nothing more... Verdict: Give one away and see how the other ages...
  9. Valtiel

    Alternatives to Glowing Vulva

    @,@ I knooooooooooooooow! Ugh... Why isn't there more of it on ebay? I'll have to keep an eye out for those comparisons then. At this rate, it's my forever favourite. I think, it ranks higher for me than Banshee Beat and I love that scent!
  10. I absolutely LOVE Glowing Vulva, especially the Bath Oil, and am wondering if any of you lovely netmancers out there can point me to some GC's and easy to find LE's that are exceptional equivalents to this amaximg scent! Many thanks to you all, in advance!
  11. Valtiel

    Alternatives to Glowing Vulva

    Underpants.... oh man never smelled it and grom what I have seen... It's highly coveted @,@
  12. Valtiel

    Alternatives to Glowing Vulva

    Awww man Q,Q at the rate I am using mine... I would need a backup lol
  13. Valtiel

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Curiosity won! The Zodiacs first! Sun: Taurus. Moon: Pisces. Asc. Libra. Earth Snake. MBTI: I actually got tested more than once for this x,x I hate tests. But the results were both INFP and INTP if I remember correctly. I was born in Germany, well still born. Nearly killed my poor mom in the process (Seriously, no wonder she has grey hair now x,x'). They ended up reviving me and from then on, my life seems to have been (and still is) a tumultuous one. I finally have come to terms I am a conundrum in of myself and have no hope in completely figuring myself out. The animus confuses me so! We moved a lot when I was younger and it seemed to have shaped me in my late teens, being homeless. Though, I have settled now, I feel the need to suddenly uproot and go further East and North. Socially, I am awkward as heck! I'm this tall, lumbering thing that'll get random bouts of uncontrollable energy and start bouncing all over the place! I tend to lean towards helping others. Feeling their pain in a way. Sometimes, it backfires and I get bitched at. I also have a terrible time expressing myself on the get-go, which leads to a lot of miss-communication, misunderstandings or people taking my words and twisting them to better fit their outcome. As I tend to leave a lot open. Let's just say, that what is in my head and what gets openly expressed are entirely too different! I leave out key points, thinking I already put them out there! Wonderful lessons I tell ya! I am both old and young in the soul. I feel as though I am born in the wrong era, feeling as though Pre-Indo European is where I need to be. Where as, I'm young enough to continue to chase fireflies and approach animals with a sense of wonder (That goes for humans too). I have also learned a while back, that I can easily grasp onto languages. Anthropology, History, Linguistics, seem to be my forte. I also tend to go through "Cycles". From random mediums of art, to writing, to cooking, to languages. My spirituality is sacred to me, but I do not let it run me via books, or how others deem it to be. I'm told to follow what I know is right and that's a lesson I am still learning. I'm chaos, everything I do seems to be such, yet I am viewed as laid back and happy. I'm also a gift giver, which has led me to be used that and sometimes I give trust before it's earned. It leads to a lot of "Dammit! *Hits self repeatedly* You dumb-fuck! You should have known better!" I also, in person swear waaaaaaaay too much... I'd write more, as I feel that doesn't even seem to be a coherent idea of what my personality is @,@ but then I'd feel waaaay too narcissistic >,<! Scents that seem to (not) work for me: O (So far, it smells like wet mold and play-doh ) anything else, somehow works for me...
  14. Valtiel

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tail, Pink Snowballs and Capax Infiniti! 1. Snake Oil (and it's babies!) 2. Banshee Beat (And by Association, SilkyBat HG) 3. Capax Infiniti (Oh, my @,@) 4. Alice/Queen Alice 5. Red Lace (Also, Black Lace, Autumn Lace...) Bonus: Glowing Vulva Bath Oil! I've learned that I adore a lot of scents!
  15. Valtiel

    Asterias Bath Oil

    Sweet apricot, white honey, orris root, white sandalwood, and white peach. Asterias, where do I start? Well, this is my second review (I think?). Anyhow, This smells absolutely amazing! First sniff in the bottle: Sweet sweet fruit drenched in honey. A co-worker said it smelled like chocolate. Possibly white chocolate? I can get the briefest whiff of such, but it's so soft... My man said he smelled coconut through the bottle. Yes people, through! Until I opened it for him and then he caught the honey with hints of fruit. No Orris or White Sandalwood as of yet. Rubbed on arm: Oh, it's so silky! My skin absolutely loves it. Surprisingly didn't make my skin look like it was stuck in a tub full of baby oil. Most bath/body oils tend to do that with me. I've only found a handful of brands that don't and now BPAL/BPTP I can safely say is added to that small group. I ge more of the apricot on my skin, though there seems to be an air of Sandalwood... Oh how I love thee... It lasted for, well all night. I am completely impressed, as I'm not a huge fan of apricot and I kind of bought this out of a whim. I can be impulsive and it's a terrible thing! In the bath: It's sandalwood and orris and honeyed peach! The apricot lingers in the background and the soak is lovely. After about fifteen minutes and it still smelled as strong as when I first put the oil in. What's even weirder? Is that to me, it smells like a very artsy/sophisticated candy. One that incorporates oddities of the plant world with the norms we all know and love. The drying off: Yup, I think this is a favorite for Bath Oils! I smell like sweet sandalwood and peach! Apricot likes to stay on the sidelines, offering support with the grounding orris. Honey just blankets them all in a thin sheet.
  16. Valtiel


    NOOOOOOOO! It's playdoh on me Q,Q..... I'll have to see how this ages... Edit: Aged 1.5 years. Still that stagnant, salty water and mildewed play-doh on me. It's so weird! All those notes work for me. Yet this blend is a death blend x,x... Going to try it another year and maybe look for an imp from 2009?
  17. Valtiel

    All Hallow's Apple

    In the Bottle: Oh Sweet apply dirt! @,@ How I love thee! Wet on Skin: Dirty, Dirty apples and decayed leaves? Does that sound appealing? Because it is... Very appealing. It reminds me if you spilled hot cider on the ground I've wept over a spilled cider! Vader NOOOOOO-d it and the like. Don't mess with my cider! Dry Down: Oh, now the sweet apples turned into a sweet apple with apple flower, oh that is nice too. The earthen note has faded softly into the background. Verdict: Keeping my bottle. I like it a lot. Like... a lot!
  18. Valtiel

    Knight in Shiny Armor

    I bought a bottle of this for my man. He isn't a "Scent person". So, I just usually sneak a dab on him and get tickled as a retaliation. Let's just say... IT WAS (IS) WORTH IT! In Bottle: To Me: Oh-So good! Lovely manly scent. To Him: Smells ok. Whoa, burned my nose. (Paraphrased) Wet on Skin: To Me: Yup. He better like it, I want it a keeper! I got it for him! Definitely cologne-y but the leather isn't harsh which is a huge plus! To Him: Smells good, a little strong. (I can never get him to pick out scent notes The brat) Dry Down: Both: Like it a lot. Verdict: Keeping the bottle. FINALLY A scent he Likes!
  19. Valtiel

    Capax Infiniti

    In Bottle: Lavender, a sweet sweet lavender. Wet on Skin: LAVENDER! I seem to amp lavender... How does that not surprise me? !!! I love it, it's a good, fresh sweet lavender. Very comforting. Dry Down: Oh, now there's the vanilla sweetness and the powder of musk. It's blended all nicely, seamless really. I can hardly smell the Dorian in it, but it has to be adding to the depth. Verdict: In love. It is the perfect bedtime scent for me! I have to admit... I SLATHER this before bed and I can see myself in the near future getting as many bottles as I possibly can from anywhere. It even beats Mouse' Long and Sad Tail for a bed scent!
  20. Valtiel

    Silkybat Hair Gloss

    I haven't reviewed this yet?! Damn... In the Bottle: Straight sniff from unscrewing the cap! Patchouli, a nice light Banshee Beat Patchouli! Plus something faintly reminiscent of Spun Sugar Spectre. Possibly the same sugar note? Sprayed on dreads: 1) Function: My hair is naturally dreaded. None of the going to a specialty salon to have them done nor did I back comb. Plain, simple, did not brush and let nature do it's thing! So, you can imagine how natural dreads look. Un-uniformed, and frizzy in places. Where does Silkybat come into this? It made them oh-so-soft! And oh-so smoothed, no frizz or wiry hairs flowing in the wind and making it look like I just woke up from a 10 hour nap. I love love love LOVE the effects. 2) Smell: Ah HA! I knew it! It has to be the same sugar note from the beloved Spectre! There's a bit of that peculiar lemon scent and oooooooh the patchouli is perfect! It's exactly like Banshee Beat on my dreads, minus the hemp of course! It's amazing layered with Mm. Moriarty, Snake Oil, or even Banshee Beat!!! Verdict: More, waaaaant more! Q,Q So hoarde worthy! Puddin', find it in yer heart Lad(Sir!) and bring it back EVERY Year! Pleeeeeeeeease!
  21. Valtiel

    Yule Cookie

    In The Bottle: Tangy Cream cheese frosting! Holy schneikies does that smell good... Wet On Skin: Spicy gingered caraway cake like cookies! Maybe Caraway Pfefferkuchens? Yum yumyum >,<! Something in it however is making it not too foodie. Possibly the tea note in it? Yay! Dry Down: Tea with gobs of citrus cream chesse frosting and carawayed cinnamon! @.@ I love it, the throw isn't strong on me I think, which is good! A good work scent, bed scent, Scent for everywhere! After Thoughts?: I believe in Yule Cookies, Yule Cookies for everyone! I need 12 more bottles, hopefully this ages beautifully!
  22. Valtiel

    Floral Haters Gonna Hate

    Heady Florals give me headaches! Though, on certain people I can appreciate them a bit... I was surprised to find that Two, Five & Seven from the Mad Tea Party, All Rose! BUT! Here's the thing, it was squished sugared roses, nothing heady, even in the bottle. That was what turned me over to florals, at least from bpal... Queen Alice is bubbly, and very sweet and warm. Snake Oil in general! Green Tree Viper is amazing! Even good for Migraines too! (For me at least), Alas, it's highly coveted!
  23. Valtiel

    Coffee House?

    Not sure if this has been asked, and if so? Please direct me to said thread? Thank you! Q.Q I'm a huge Coffee drinker. I love the taste and the smell @.@ I am also an avid goer to my local cafe as VT tends to lean towards more "Go to local places for food and such than to big names!" Which helps the local economy. The local coffee house doesn't roast their own beans (yet!), but they get their beans from a local roaster as well as their foods and snacks from local bakers (they even bake too!), produce from local farmers and the farmer's market. I digress though... I love the scents there! Of the baked goods, the Coffee that overpowers and tampers the foodie scents and just the warm glow of it all. I mean, it's a coffee house in a valley! Any suggestions? I've already placed an order for Und wir dachten der toten. Mata Hari seems too floral-y for me. I've yet to try it though! Thank you ahead of time!
  24. Valtiel

    Coffee House?

    Atmo! How hard is it to find?
  25. Valtiel

    Coffee House?

    I'll try and get an imp of that one then too. Thank you o.o