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  1. RosieP

    Shipping Update

    'Beth Panic time! If one of the returns is mine from 7th Feb I'm now throwing another spanner in the works by moving house over the Easter holiday .... don't worry though as I've put a Post Office redirection in place and my son will be staying at our old address until he can find an apartment of his own that he can afford, so any packages currently in transit should still reach me safely ...... PS I've just e-mailed a shipping quotation request to Brian - when he replies and I PayPal the $$$ for it I'll advise my new address. Rosie XXX
  2. RosieP

    Shipping Update..

    Beth If mine from 7th Feb is one you've re-packed and IF ever the original turns up, I'd be MORE than happy to send you the extra cash - I've got so many friends that love BPAL and are always trying to snaffle my Imps Ears that I can easily find takers for the duplicates ... Sorry to have been a pain by whingeing for my parcel so much!! lots of love Rosie XXX PS I might be interested in a custom scent later on this year (after my bonus is paid in May!!) - how long until you'll be ready to do these again?
  3. RosieP

    Shipping scale of fees for international orders

    Good idea - it cuts down on the amount of work for Beth and Brian in having to read and respond to shipping quotation e-mails (and the second/third e-mails saying 'did you get my e-mail? Sorry - I know I'm guilty of this!!!) .... I'm all for it, if it can be organised....... Rosie
  4. RosieP


    This is absolutely gorgeous - thank you so much, Allamanda for sending me some to try. Just looking at what was IN it convinced me I'd love it before I even opened the vial and it hasn't let me down! I've been wearing it for about four hours now (still going strong with no need to re-apply yet!) When wet I could strongly smell the pine, patchouli and almond with the lime floating in the background. The pine 'spike' reminds me of Golden Priapus (one of my favourites) so I was rather pleased that, while this toned down so it was not so 'in-yer-face' when it had dried, it was still there in the background. It has softened now to something slightly smoky, incense-y and decidedly sexy - mmm, I can smell the clove and vanilla now.... this would go well with Skinny Dip, methinks This one is definitely a 'me' scent and one I'll be ordering a big bottle of.
  5. Clephan, I've only ever had one bpal parcel and someone was at home when it was delivered .... I think the box was small enough (videotape size?) that the postman just shoved it through the letterbox - good job we've got a nice thick doormat for it to land on! As it came via the regular Royal Mail van I expect if it had been too large to go through the door it would have been taken back to our nearest Royal Mail sorting office (Snodland - about a twenty minute car ride away.)
  6. Yes, anyone in the household can sign for stuff here in the UK - I've even asked neighbours to house-sit and wait for parcels for me as postmen aren't allowed to leave 'signed-for' parcels at nieghbour's houses. Postmen here in the UK used to be REALLY bad at just leaving parcels outside the door and walking away. A couple of years ago I came home from a fortnight's holiday abroad to find a box of rotting flowers that a friend had sent as a birthday gift ozzing slime on the doorstep. Another time a little card was posted through the door saying 'I have left your parcel...' with a space for the postman to write 'with neighbour' or 'in garage'. On this occasion the helpful postie had written 'in dustbin' (trash can to US readers!) Needless to say it was bin collection day ..... Nowadays they HAVE to take the parcel back to the sorting office and you have to go there to collect it, taking the delivery slip plus proof of identity.
  7. RosieP

    Shipping Update..

    Ooh - Brian! forgot to ask. Has my order from 2/7 to the UK gone out yet???? I've promised to share the Imp's Ears with a friend who is waiting to put her order in and I'll be visiting her next week - it would be nice to take her a pressie!
  8. RosieP

    Ok, feeling human again.

    So pleased to hear that you are feeling better....take care! lots of love Rosie XXX
  9. RosieP


    I couldn't smell anything of the sea in this one - not surprising as BLACKbeard was the pirate, Bluebeard was a serial wife-murderer in a not very pleasant Perrault fairy tale (see link to read the story ...) http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/perrault03.html It is a scent that fits the character of Bluebeard very well - the veneer of aristocratic elegance expressed by the violet and lavender hiding something malevolent and cruel beneath.
  10. RosieP

    Incapacitated for a day.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're not well ... and sorry for pestering about my package! The most importnat thing is your health, so don't worry about responding to e-mails, etc - take some time for yourself. The dilation thing sounds horrible - I've had two kids but neither were induced, so I didn't have the drugs to start dilation. You could try rubbing your tum with a Wiccy Magic Muscles bar from Lush which is quite good for cramps ... (smells a little like Tiger Balm but seems to work.) Have another big hug Take care, Rosie XXX
  11. RosieP


    When I first sniffed this in the vial, I wasn't sure whether I'd like this - smelt a little TOO tangy and yes, I smelt a rotting wood smell too. Nonetheless, I wore it to work today and it has developed into a soft, sweet, unusual scent - warm and slightly earthy in a MiddleEarth soap kind of way. Seemed to fade after a couple of hours, or perhaps my nose was just getting used to it. Interestingly, when I re-applied it I didn't notice the rotting wood smell this time - presumably this only happens with the first application onto my skin. I think this might go on my (growing) list for a bigger bottle. Very unusual, but nice.
  12. RosieP

    More great news.

    Elizabeth, if you need any extra shipping money, just let me know - I'll PayPal it through to you straight away. Sending parcels from the UK to the US is becoming more of a chore too - we now have to itemise EVERYTHING (and I mean everything - even greetings cards and giftwrap, believe it or not) inside the parcel on the customs slip. This rather takes the 'surprise' out of 'surprise' presents ... Rosie
  13. RosieP

    Incapacitated for a day.

    Here's a big hug! your health is more important than anything else - take as long as you need! lots of love, as ever Rosie XXX
  14. RosieP

    Email. Well, I knew I'd f*ck it up, and I did.

    Helo Elizabeth. I'll resend the shipping quotation request to the UK. Thanks Rosie
  15. RosieP

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I'm the only one who's ever reviewed it, but Golden Priapus is a really nice, unusual vanilla - a little strange in the vial, but bewitchingly nice on the skin - I'd say close to a masculine version of Snake Oil. I originally gave the Imp's Ear to Husband as I didn't like the scent in the vial but decided one day to give it a fair trial ... needless to say, he never got it back!!