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    My favorites so far are Yggdrasil, Poisoned Apple, Aglaea, The Unicorn, Phantom Queen, and La Belle au Bois Dormant. Peach, plum, rose, and earthy-woody scents work best with me.


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  1. intothetrees

    Poisoned Apple

    In the bottle: A tangy green apple. Don't really catch the florals under there yet... Wet: The apple still dominates but something in there smells sort of. Herbal? Earthy? With a small hint of something floral in there. Delicious. Dry: Same as wet only older, more sinister. It's just how I'd imagine Snow White's cursed apple would smell. Definitely getting a bottle some time.
  2. intothetrees


    In the bottle: Chamomile and rose dominate to my nose. I smell a wisp of the violet in there too. Wet: Oh, there's the calla lily. The rose is still there but somehow I also get a strong scent of apple? A cup of apple flavored chamomile tea sitting on a bed of lilies and roses. The violet has sort of vanished. Dry: Same as wet, only older and sweeter. Like everything has withered and dried. Makes me think of yellowed books with hand-tinted illustrations, cluttered shelves and vases full of dried bouquets from lovers long dead, tea in the parlor of a widowed aunt.
  3. intothetrees

    Black Phoenix

    In the bottle: Yum. Yum. Cherries and almonds in the middle of the night. Sweet and fruity but not perky. Luscious. Wet: The vanilla or almond or whatever that sweet undertone was gets very strong, and the cherries turn into something like sickly ripe fruit about to spoil. Quite nice really. Dry: It has mellowed out into a scent I just can't quite identify. Still very yum. Such a nighttime scent. Later: Oh, it's turned into another variety of baby powder on me. Bummer.
  4. intothetrees


    In the bottle: Very jasmine. I think I detect a hint of the musk. Wet: Jasmine gets stonger but I'm getting a hint of clove. And baby powder. Dry. Jasmine scented baby powder. Eh.
  5. intothetrees


    In the bottle: Sweet, almost sickly sweet really, but still sort of yum. Very vanilla with a nice dollop of honey. Wet: The amber jumps out, the vanilla mellows a bit, not so sickly sweet now. I think I want to eat my wrist. Dry: Um. Baby powder. All sweetness is gone, can't smell anything but baby powder. Not sexy. Maybe I can use it in my oil burner.
  6. intothetrees


    In the bottle: Bergamot and grapefruit, very sweet, almost tangy. Hmm. Wet: The amber jumps right out, I can only smell it and the bergamot now. Not sure what this will do, I've noticed some of the other scents I've tried with amber in them turn to baby powder on me, so, let's see. Dry: Yep, it's like a tangy Love's Baby Soft now. I actually kind of like it! Nothing at all like what it smells like in the bottle, but sort of nice anyway.
  7. intothetrees

    La Belle au Bois Dormant

    In the bottle: Rosey rose rose rose, with a hint of fruit, must be the pear. Wet: Very strong rose, but not sharp, stays very soft. The magnolia definitely comes out, the pear stays a soft tang underneath. Heavenly. Dry: Smells about the same as wet, only even softer. I adore this scent. Quite delicate, delicious, and feminine. Makes me think of lavender dresses with eyelet trim, white wicker furniture in a spring garden.
  8. intothetrees

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    In the bottle: Sugary grapefruit. I catch of whiff of something sharp and woodsy in there too. Yum! Hope it works on my skin. Wet: Less sugary, and the sandalwood comes out. Don't really get any vanilla, ginger, or musk though. But still, very yum! Dry: It's changed into a very lemony-Pledge-cleaner smell on me, with some sandalwood still under there. Oh well.