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    Tea, scones, steamgothethnichippypunk, Ancient Rome, darkfur, pygmy and pygora goats, foxes, velvet, roses, clothing design, canal boats, reading, The Church Mice <--- I need these books! Lush! Particularly: Ceridwen's Cauldron, Amondopondo, Caca Rouge, Buffy, YSTW, Blue Skies, Aqua Mirablis and King of Skin.
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    Noir, Sudha Segara, Bordello, Morocco, Bewitched, Embalming Fluid; berries, ginger, roses in moderation, blackberries. Dragon's Blood. Lemon, green tea and citrus.


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    Capricorn. I certainly have a caprine personality, but I'm not sure that's not coincidental.
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  1. Lady Ravenglass

    Scent for Halloween?

    Going as a moon satyr, but have no BPAL picked yet! I can't find any that work... Not wearing Satyr, no way! And I don't have Luna or The Moon either. Help?
  2. Lady Ravenglass

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    Coconut-vanilla-tea I do like this. It's manly without being perfume-countery, and very nice indeed, even on me. J thought it too sweet, but he's an incense man. The tea is light and delicious without going Apothecary/Dormouse and the vanilla is pale and faintly sweet, like a very, very light Tombstone. It's a wearable Dorian (D turning to Impulse Vanilla Body Spray on my funny skin) and I'll be keeping the imp. Yum!
  3. Lady Ravenglass

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Not sure if this has been spotted, but Himerus and Khajurahao are very similar on me (almost annoyingly so, as I have two bottles of the LE ) but Himerus is slightly sweeter with maybe a touch of fruit. They both dry down to that smoky, woody skin scent. Yum!
  4. Lady Ravenglass

    The Best Scents for Home, a Room, the Car...

    Athens, which is too strong for me to wear makes an amazing room scent. I burn it in wax, and it smells divine for autumnal evenings. It's a warm, heady heavy honey scent.
  5. Lady Ravenglass

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    CDXLIX Chaos indeed. The minute I opened it (a year ago...*cough*) I realised it was the exact scent of my old housemate's bedroom. The exact scent. She wore Anna Sui and expensive make-up and kept two soot-black kittens, whose litterbox/deodoriser added to the general fragrance of the room. I think there might be roses in there, but it's sweet, and pink, and slightly vanilla-spice. It's freakishly interesting.
  6. Lady Ravenglass

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CLXXXVI Dry and floral. I'm not wonderfully up on flower notes, so I have no idea what I'm getting here. Probably neither rose nor lavender; it smells like a room that's been sprayed with something floral, or a bowl of pot pourri, that blend of quiet flowers with something warm and grounding behind them. I suspect there's a musk in this, as it's turning 'perfumey'; my skin has issues with musks. It's not red musk as far as I can tell. I wonder if it might be apple blossom? Like my CT2, this won't be a keeper. I wish I'd remembered to buy more bottles, though! ETA: It's dried down to The Perfumed Garden. I can't smell jasmine or fruit, the floral and the soft musk note have combined to produce exactly the same effect. I think it has to be the same musk as TPG.
  7. Lady Ravenglass


    I accidentally ordered three duplicates of this imp over the course of a month. And am I glad I did. It's warm, skin-scented and golden. It's not too resinous or too herby or too sweet, or too floral, or too dry and woody, but balances perfectly in the centre. The myrhh reminds me of Masabakes, in that it has the same glow to it, but Masabakes is Nefertiti's older, darker Winter sister. The floral part of this is hardly 'floral' at all on my skin; the word 'blend' never had a better application. Nefertiti is the scent of warm sunlight on golden skin, and a long, relaxing, sunlit day. It's womanly without being too adult or mature; the scent for a young woman born to regal poise.
  8. Lady Ravenglass


    Oh my... When I first received Maiden, it was sweet, white roses, and I liked it, but then it started to be cloying, and I was going off roses entirely, so put it away. In fact, it's currently in my 'consider swapping' box. No more. I just tried it on, roughly 9 months after I got it, and this is Embalming Fluid/Shanghai with rose. Slight citrus, that lovely light note which I guess is tea, and light, pale rose petals drifting on a Spring breeze. This is going straight back in the loved-up bottle box. Just perfect. I wear EF and the other light tea/citrus scents to cycle to work, and this will add a ladylike hint to their wholesome- fresh-air style of affairs.
  9. Lady Ravenglass

    Snow Moon

    In December, the skeletal, ice-rimmed fingers of winter take hold, and the nights are long, chill and dark. The first flurries of snow touch the land, and the earth itself becomes quiet. A scent of purity and silence, soft with falling snow, as dark as Midwinter: an icy flurry over the winter blooms of narcissus, pansy crocus, dahlia, tulip, chrysanthemum and white rose, with a hint of fir and birch. Pine. Pine, pine, pine. Fir. Where are my damned snow-drenched florals?! Oh well Can't win 'em all. I am not a pine-friendly girl, so the blend just sat and was pine-y at me. A pity, but there you go. Sadly, I didn't get anything else from it either. Like Yuletide, it was a one-note affair on my skin, and didn't really change or morph at all. Poot. If you like pine and fir and green, you'll love Snow Moon.
  10. Lady Ravenglass


    Apparently jasmine is my friend! Gorgeous. Like a lighter Morgause (a favourite) this is a round and curvaceous jasmine floral, skin-scented and lovely. I don't get the individual flowers, but the jasmine is noticable.
  11. Lady Ravenglass


    This didn't used to work on me; I suspect coming off the Pill has made some changes. This smells like O. But where's the stink of sexsweatbed? Excellent - I smell decadent, desirable and delicious, yet not overly depraved. The honey is light and sweet and sexy, and mingles with a lovely soft floral. A perfect bedtime scent, alongside Regan and, if you're into it O.
  12. Lady Ravenglass

    Freak Show

    Hmmm. Wierd! It's sort of all mixed-up and chocolatey at first, then it mellows into something a lot like Carnal, except warm and skin-scented and pleasant. There's fig (or at least, since it smells like Carnal I assume so) and something ever so slightly vanilla. I can see where a previous poster has mentioned the 'candle wax' thing. There's something a touch waxy or smokey there that gives it warmth and depth, probably the honey musk. The honey is giving it a slight 'something' that I dislike, but I think it'll wear off and fade. I like it It seems like a good wintery scent to wear close to the skin on cold days, once the cocoa note has worn off. Sadly, I'm not a cocoa note fan.
  13. Lady Ravenglass


    Noir left. It's been nearly a year, but still you think you see her in passing. Catch her scent on the wind, and turn, on a dark street corner to see the cut of her coat, the curve of her ankle, and when she stops, turns, adjusts her shoe, it isn't her. You make your advances anyway. Those ash-blonde curls, those smokey eyes; in the dim light of the bar you could almost mistake Hecate for the real thing. You still have that packet of clove cigarettes, the ones She smoked. Noir tucked them into your pocket for safekeeping, the night she left, walked away in scarlet shoes and mink, blew you a farewell kiss on spicy smoke. You lean into her, offer her one, in their little chic black jackets and gold cravats and she recoils with a smile. "Oh no. No thank you," and sips her almond liquour, fluttering girlish lashes. And anyway in the morning, she's gone when you wake. Just a brassy hair on the pillowcase, and the fading scent of almonds, sweet like marzipan, in the air.
  14. Lady Ravenglass

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Oooh! I forgot Black Rose, and I have a 5ml! It's ever so slightly powdery on me, but I had an odd r'ship with 'gothic' scents, sadly. It's certainly dark though. As for Othello - I keep forgetting it has roses, as it's my partner's sig scent and he doesn't really scream 'rose'. It is rosey, and spicey and delicious though. Not sure it would be vampiric, but it's an almost edible rose.
  15. Lady Ravenglass

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    London and Lucy's Kiss again here, for pink and girly and sweetly, wistful rose. Lucy's Kiss has a hint of the dark to it, and I wish I hadn't swapped my bottle! On me, Maiden tends to be sweet, but white. Two, Five and Seven was too sweet and sickly, but it is rosey. Zombi takes folk differently - on me it was compost, but I know some find that the rose sings out well. My skin likes to take the nastiest note it can find and amp it up with a snigger. My skin is mean.