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  1. I had an imp of it and swapped it. It went plastick-y foul on me. Taking notes, thanks so much! I am way leery of flowers. I love rose, but it turns into utter and complete feces on me. I don't like most other flowers either: Gardenia, Lily, peony, daffodil - just about anything flower. I like - can't remember which one - a new Salon that was very spring-floral. I also like Amsterdam (but don't know what it will do on). The 10/06 Thirteen has some floral elements and it is deeevine on me (I have 13 bottles). Does that help or make a bit of sense? I have Boomslang and it's pretty good on. I have to fight not to lick the bottle. I have a 1/2 imp of Arrival at the Sabbath and haven't done more than sniff it. Will try that tomorrow. Red Lantern didn't do well on me - turned ugly. I have MB:VD and LOVE it, but it's like Pinched with 4 Aces - more wood than cake - which is great, but not that one thing I want. I did try that one and it went to almond-y Jergens lotion on. Smelled so good in the imp too - I was very disappointed. Ah HAH! Thanks!! Thanks so much y'all, for all your recs and help.
  2. I'm looking for some foody scents. Blood Drop's Cafe Zazou (coffee, milk, sugar, chocolate) is truly divine, except it lasts about 5 minutes then no one can smell it, even with nose to wrist. Candy Butcher is fabulous, but morphs into 'not quite.' I've tried MB: Underpants once and it was, of course, dead on. However, my chances of getting any of it are slim and none. I'm waiting on a sample of Cockaigne. Tried it once and swooned, but need to wear it a few times to see if it's The One. Pinched w/4 Aces is faboo, and I love it and want more, but there's too much wood in it to satisfy this need. Bliss is a great chocolate scent, and is great for layering to give that richness to other things, but I want a scent that's caramely, cakey, thick and creamy and another that's Chocolate at the coffeehouse. Help? For the rest of my wants, my wishlist link is in the sig line below. pm or reply here. Thanks!!
  3. Charlee


    Out of the imp, it smells cold, but not desolate. My first whiff was clean snow, broken by cold damp turned earth with the first green of crocus pushing up through it, reaching for the promise of Spring. Not quite floral and not fully green, but the hint of it to come. Not a sunny day, but the knowledge that it did indeed shine behind the overcast sky. On me, it changes very little (which is a total shock!) has minimal throw and lasted all day. This is multi-bottle worthy!
  4. Charlee

    R.M. Renfield

    In the Bottle: Dark and dry, patchouli and a little cumin. Wet on skin: Mmmm patchouli and the cumin's getting a bit louder Drydown: the CUMIN is SHRIEKING and POKING me in the eye and has become acrid pit funk. Charlee <-- devastated
  5. Charlee

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Nattie, thanks so much for the spreadsheet! I thought for about 2 seconds about doing my own and ran from said thought in terror. You're a peach!
  6. Charlee

    Trick #1

    This is my first review, so please think gently of me. From the decant: Musky, leathery not sure if this is going to work on me and not sure if I mind that. Wet: More subtle than from the bottle but richer tones coming out, something almost floral but far more decadent than just a blossom. 15 min: OMG this is S-E-X on a platter! Reminds me very much of Norell, which I loved (My late, much-loved and missed crazy Bohemian aunt turned me on to it in the 70s). Ooooh still warm from being worn leather jacket backed up by really nice patchouli (not the hippy armpit variety) and something else - ginger? - and that floral-ish scent. 30 min later: Still good, warm, delicious. This is the first BPAL my husband noticed and complimented. 3 hours: Just beginning to fade, but still very nice and very present. This lasted 5-6 hours and is just so damn good! I'd offer up my firstborn for a bottle, but she's getting married and I don't think it would be quite the fair swap. *snicker* Charlee