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  1. Yes! This is exactly it! I thought I was crazy because I don't know anybody else who has the same reaction I do to the smell of microwave buttered popcorn. Yikes, what a shame. I really wish these ones would work on me. Can anyone recommend any other foody scents that don't have this effect! or know if I might be lucky with Gingerbread Poppet. I have all my appendages crossed that this one will be re-released in the next Yule update and that it will work for me! Many thanks, you guys are awesome.
  2. I'm fairly new to BPAL so I'm still trying out a lot of new scents but there is a note that my nose just does not get along with in a number of the scents I want so desperately to love. I'm hoping someone might be able to help pinpoint what it might be. It is in many of the foody or sweet scents I've tried. I LOVE Midway and Dorian but there's something horrible in Gluttony, Jack, Sugar Cookie and a couple of others - I'll add the rest of the names when I go home an re-sniff my collection! Could it be a milky note, or a butter note or something? What do you think? Any recommendations of what else I might be able to try to isolate that note? Anyone have similar experiences? Thanks!