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    My favorite BPAL's currently are Alice, Scherezade, Namaste, Hellcat, O, Snake Oil, Fae, Maiden, Dragon's Milk and Haunted. I really like Bergamot, Carnation, vanilla, honey, spices, and creamy scents.

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    I love BPAL perfumes. i was never much interested in perfumes before i discovered this place. I also love bar soaps and tarts. I read ALOT and am a huge epic fantasy buff. I also love movies and belong to Netflix and watch at least 2 DVD's a week. A couple of my faves right now are Kill bill 1&2, Lord of the rings trilogy, and a hodge podge of terrific foreign films (cannot name them all).<br><br>I work in Manhattan and live in Queens. I LOVE shopping adn buying new clothes. I also love eating which makes the shopping for new clothes kinda difficult sometimes (as i inch upward and upward in the size catagory :/) I also love makeup and body products. Ive eased up on teh amkeup though as im trying to acheive a more natural -less makeup look. So i mostly just wear coverup, blush, mascara and clear gloss. <br><br>I am currently a bleached highlighted fake blond. LOL. I am a natural medium brunette but i love playing around with my haircolor. Im also letting my hair grow out now. Going to still have layers though. Im looking for a similiar look that lindsey lohan has. I LOVE her hair.
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    Virgo sun, Taurus Moon and Ascendant.
  1. asa805

    Dia de los Muertos

    I had the same reaction as chupa chup. I find this did have similiar notes to Kali and that one didnt work for me either. I didnt mind the scent when i first applied it - mostly sweet chocolate. Minutes later all tobacco. i almost washed it off. I did stick it through till like a n hour later and i liked that scent but it just took too long to get there and i didnt like the ride. Swapped this for Samhain
  2. asa805


    I will have to agree with most of the reviewers that stuff REALLY WORKS! It does just what it says. And unlike most of the posters, i actually really love the smell. It is soooo soothing and relaxing and soft and powdery on me. And strong. I woke up and could still smell it faintly on my wrists. I usualy dont have a problem falling asleep (except on sundays) and granted yesterday i was tired, but i really felt so relaxed after i put this on. It wasnt that i couldnt keep my eyes open, it was more like i was sooo mellow that i just wanted to snuggle in my bed and i felt so cleansed and comfy. I ended up passing out cold and had such a restful dream fulled sleep. REally really great dreams and then i didnt want to get out of bed this morning but once i did i felt so refreshed. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! I told myself i woudlnt buy any more perfume (or makeup or candles) until the end of January, but i really really need this! Definate TOP TEN! NEED BIG BOTTLE NOW
  3. asa805


    I cant believe i didnt review this one. Its one of my favorites. Gloriously warm and sensual. I feel very confident and alluring int his. Its very smooth and almost foody. Like warm peach cobbler on me and dries down to a light powdery version of the initial bottle smell. This and fae are my favorites and are similiar and complementing. Fae is for spring/summer and Tamora for fall/winter. Both delicious peach (who knew i woudl love it so.
  4. asa805


    I dont really have much to add to all the reviews thus far for 2004 samhain but i will try. First on my skin it does have a bit of a fresh pine scent but as it dries down it sweetens up a lot and the apple and pumpkin come out and behind it is something dark that warms up the fruits (presumable the patchouli) that just makes this sooo evocative of fall. The interesting thing i find with this oil is that when i lightly sniff my wrists i smell the piney/apple smell but when i deeply inhale (and also when i get wafts) i smell the foody caramel apple/pumpkin spice scent . I prefer the latter but both are gorgeous. I also get light undercurrents of fresh crisp autumn air, and crunchy leaves underfoot. All in all a masterpiece. This blend definatley lives up to the hype and i will savor the two bottles i have and pray that Beth decides to revisit this scent every year. update: I just made my mom sniff my wrist and im shocked that she actually LIKES it.... ok this may not seem liek a big deal but this is first perfume that she likes out of the over 150 scents i have made her sniff!!! So yeah.. this stuff is gooood .... very very goood!
  5. asa805

    Scent for Halloween?

    I was looking forward to wearing Samhain as well. Alas, without that option i was left to decide between Jack (as it is so perfect for this day) or Hesperides (another typical fall day scent). I looked out the window and saw all the color leaves swirling around and conisdered Harvest Moon but since that scent only really works well on me when i have my period, i settled for The Hesperides. I smell yummy. (but ill likely switch to jack later today) haha: my mom just came over and watched me type and she saw "i smell yummy", made a weird face and walked out .... hahahah
  6. Definatley Namaste! I just bought a big bottle because i really need to chill the fuck out a lot!
  7. asa805

    Berry Scents - Blackberry, Red Berries

    Carnivale or Bewitched definately.
  8. asa805


    This reminds me of a spiced berries and bubbly champagne. Presumably the heliotrope. This is delectably sweet and zesty and delicious. But Not too sweet and not too berryish. Its a very nice perfume and perfect for fall/winter and even spring/summer. Its so balanced and warm and cool and tingly all at the same time. I had a feeling id love this one. Im not much for berry's (im starting to adjust to it but prefer when it has a ncie spice to it - like queen of spades) but carnation and heliotrope are just lovely on me. I might definately have to invest in a larger bottle and use it mixed with lotion to intensify the scent which sticks close to my skin. very lovely.
  9. asa805

    Best BPAL blends without floral notes

    Here are bunch of my non floral faves: Three witches (real true cinnamon and clove scent - smells like pottery barn during the holidays) Hollywood Bablyon - (sweet vanilla and strawberries) Scherezade - (mid east spices - very commanding - always get compliments) Snake Oil - (a very sexy demanding scent) O (smells like cookies, some people think it smells like sex ) Tamora (peachy and amber and vanilla - gorgeous creation) Alice (slight rose scent but mostly milky creamy sweet scent) Scheppezany (very clean smelling on me - ozone and air) Namaste (lemongrass and woods - very calming) Chimera: (cinnamon cookies - yummy ) Dragons Milk: (dragons blood resin and vanilla - very sweet concoction) Hellcat: (smells like mulled cider to me - a very conforting scent - and strong!) Oh and you might like Namaste: (lemongrass and woods) umm theres more but i cant think of them right no w. good luck.
  10. asa805

    Mabon 2004

    I had a very similiar reaction to this that andrabell had. It basically kept that menthol smell through the whole wet stage and dried down to a hazel/sage blend with maybe just a drop of apple/wine smell. It took me a while (maybe 3-4 tries) to see if was worth keeping, worth keeping an imps worth or just should be swapped away entirely. ON my last attempt i realized that it should just be swapped/sold entirely because it just doesnt last that long and wasnt that pleasant to my nose. As also with Andrabell, Harvest Moon is my HG autumn fragrance. Its absolutely gorgeous on me and id rather have an extra bottle of that than keep this mabon.
  11. asa805

    Where is this scent?

    Sounds like Vice to me. Vice had zero chocolate on me. It was all bubble gum and then turned berryish on the drydown. I am thinking you actually do have vice. HTH Edit to say i jsut read your last comment on this. Woopsie. I really cant help you. I would have said Hollywood Babylon. Maybe it is Carnivale???
  12. asa805

    Harvest Moon 2004

    Wow what a complete turnaround on this one. When i first got the bottle i slathered it on and found myself very confused by the scent. It was foody but also floral. It was buttery but reaked of lillies. The drydown lost a lot of the buttery foody aspect but left just an overpowering and icky flower smell. Then about an hour later it softened and a little of the foodiness returned with a soft smoky/wine scent underneath the flowers (which were softened). So i was intrigued by the wet scent, hated the drydown and lvoed the last stage. It faded quite fast (3 hours tops). Now i tried again today thinking that I will give it another chance before i decide to swap it away. ANd wow I LOVE IT! Ok i dont know if the change is the fact that its that wonderful time of the month (starting today) but this just turned gorgeous on me. The flowers werent too strong, there was a gentle sweet foodiness (candy corn??) in the background keeping the flowers from going wild and i got a nice spice from it as well. This is amazing and i am definately keeping this if only to wear for one week a month. Im really curious if my first impression was biased somehow and when i try it again i will still get this yumminess or if this is really just a chemistry issue. Either way im delighted. Glorious glorious harvest moon. how i will savor and hoard thee.
  13. asa805

    Has No Hanna

    Dark ylang ylang. That is what i get from this. I dont know what is making it dark but it there is something that is blending with it so effortlessly that i can only say this is a deeper darker and really quite delightful ylang ylang. I usually really like the smell of ylang ylanng alone but not mixed with too many other things. This is the dominant scent im getting. I could be totally wrong and this could be some other flower. Im really curious to know. My guess is ylang ylang and myrrh. Im sure there is a lot more in there though. ANyway i like it but doubt i will wear it enough to warrant keeping the imp. There are just so many other scents i would like to try. I guess im not a voodoo girl becasue i ended up swapping every one i tried.
  14. asa805

    Rain Scents

    I wear namaste when it rains. It clears my head out and brightens my mood. Totally relaxes me too which is good becuase rain and fog bring me down and depress me. Im also more prone to stress outbreaks when its rainingn out. I find that since i got namaste that has been a thing of the past. Just for example, we are moving our office and we needed more boxes. It was abotu 4:30 pm and i leave at 5. My boss told me to go out to staples and get more boxes (HI I AM A GIRL, and these boxes weigh a lot). So i said are you serious. He yelled at me and told me to find a way to get them. So i went out and it was POURING rain (after effects of Hurricane Jean in NYC) and brought back abunch of boxes that i could barely hold. I got soaked and so did the boxes. When i got back.... he didnt say thanks, and decided we didnt need them that night!!!! GRRRRR.... but you know what ... i was wearing Namaste and i was suprisingly calm.