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    At the moment I'm loving Nocturne, Ultraviolet, June Gloom, Ice Queen, Rose Red, Snake Oil, O, Velvet, and so many more my head might explode trying to name them all.

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  1. Longstofly

    Chaste Moon 2005

    I will admit that Chaste Moon is nothing like what I imagined it to be but this is definitely not a bad thing. Wet, chaste moon is a minty slightly spicy butterscotch. The mint reminds me more of peppermint than anything else. In this aspect it reminds me a little of Spooky. Drying down it is starting to smell like a craft store. This is not good. We'll see what it does though. Edit: Oh NO!! I know exactly what it smells like now. On me, it smells like that stuff they put on your gums at the dentist to numb them a little before they give you the novicane shot. Ack!!! Ok, sadly this one will be going in the swap pile. I can't handle my skin turning this into a visit to the dentist.
  2. Longstofly

    The Living Flame

    Wet - I think this is what some people would call a buttery floral. I had an imp of a Chaos Theory someone sent me that smells kind of like this. Definitely a musk in there. Right now it is smelling mostly of baby powder on my skin. More like the grown up version of baby powder smell though. That probably makes no sense at all but that's what I smell. I was SO glad to not have cinnamon or almond in this blend. I think this almost reminds me of Zephyr a little bit too. I don't really get vanilla like other people have but it still has some time to dry down. This is definitely an oil you can apply sparingly! It is very powerful!
  3. Longstofly


    I don't think I've ever had a scent change so much on my skin as it dries down. Wet, Verdandi smells like crisp apples more than anything. It's slightly sweet and fruity but light. A couple of hours later all I smell is black amber. I think my skin loves black amber and scents like that. They always warm up nicely on my skin as they dry.
  4. Longstofly


    The Kingdom, Olam Yesodoth, Shekhinah, God's Presence in the World, the Throne of Glory. I was very interested in trying this blend although I have no idea why. I was really drawn to the name. In the vial, the oil is a very dark golden amber. This made me a little uneasy because the oils that are that color are usually way too heavy for my skin. What a surprise when I sniffed the bottle! Malkuth is very sticky sweet strawberry on my skin. Not the same strawberry as in bon vivant but more like a wild strawberry you'd find in a grassy field. I can also smell a little bit of floral or musk underneath. This is a very light sweet scent. Very pretty. As it dries down I swear I smell clove or cinnamon. Now, instead of strawberries it reminds me of those little Cinnamon Imperials candy. This is really sad because I hate cinnamon with a passion! Oh well, I am sure that someone will be happy to get this in a swap!
  5. Longstofly


    Loving Kindness, Tzedek, the Benevolence of God, and the source of the 72 Bridges of Mercy. Sniffing the bottle I get an overwhelming smell of cedar. Underneath there is some sort of fruity undertone, maybe lemon? It is definitely a light citrus. On me, even after the drydown I get a very strong cedar. It is very sharp and makes my nose tingle. It reminds me of opening up one of those old cedarwood chests that your grandmother kept her mementos in.
  6. Longstofly

    Silk Road

    Silk Road is one of those scents that smells exactly like the description. Like sarada I have a hard time picking out individual notes. It is slightly herby, green, spicy, and floral. That sounds heavy but it isn't a heavy scent at all. It is light and complex. I think I smell cinnamon, maybe lemon or some other kind of citrus, a bit of green grass (or something similar), sandalwood maybe? It is so complex!
  7. Longstofly


    Mmmm. Got this imp with my order today and it is one sexy blend. To me, it reminds me somewhat of Bastet without the almonds. Wet it is a spicy soft floral (mostly spicy). The amber is very strong and gorgeous. I think I smell the carnation as well as it has always been a somewhat spicy smell to me. Drydown is a nice soft floral scent. (I can smell the apple blossom for sure) This is a scent that I could definitely see myself ordering a big bottle of.
  8. Longstofly


    Fruity fruity goodness! Wet, Jester reminds me of a mix between Midwinter's Eve and Bon Vivant. This is a very fun, youthful scent. Very very strong too. I only needed a small dab and I have a feeling it will last a looong time. I love this one
  9. Longstofly


    London is a nice dry rose scent. It reminds me very much of the roses I used to save and dry. After they dried out and were sitting in a vase on my dresser they would smell like this. Unfortunately for me, I have falled head-over-heels in love with Rose Red and it just destroys many of the other rose scents for me I bet people will love this one though so I'm sure it won't be in the swap pile for long!
  10. Longstofly

    The Queen of Hearts

    I got this imp as a freebie. I expected this scent to be a very deep red floral like roses would be. To me, it is more of an airy light pink delicate scent. On me I definitely get the lillies and stephanotis. That's about it. Cherry usually comes screaming out on my skin but I don't detect even a hint of it. This is a beautiful very feminine scent. I don't think it is for me though. To the swap pile it goes!
  11. Longstofly

    Storm Moon

    When I first smelled the bottle of this I actually had to move my nose back immediately because the ozone tang was so strong. Like the above poster, I was hoping to like this for the mix of floral with ozone. Unfortunately on me, there is no hint of anything floral at all. It's very very sharp and it smells almost identical to me on my skin as it does in the bottle. Oh boo. I really wanted to like this one! Oh well, to the swap pile it goes. I am sure someone will absolutely adore it
  12. Longstofly


    Oh holy peppermint batman! I was so happy when I first sniffed my bottle because I love peppermint and this scent is packed with it. Wet, I get super chocolate pepperminty goodness with a very slight hint of coconut. This is good because I really despise the smell of coconut. It's so light in this scent on me that it really is no big deal. It did dry down and start to fade very quickly. It really reminds me of velvet when it dries down. It is almost as if I get a sandalwoody type smell going on. Quite beautiful though. I am so glad I got a bottle of this!!
  13. Longstofly


    This is a gorgeous golden peach scent on me. It makes me happy because a lot of the other bpal oils that have peach in them don't work on me at all. This is beautiful though. So light and golden and gorgeous. It actually reminds me very strongly of this lip balm one of my good friends had a long long time ago. I haven't seen her in years but this smell reminds me very much of her. It was quite shocking to put it on and be reminded of her so strongly!
  14. Longstofly

    Blue Moon 2004

    When I first sniffed this one I got whoah juniper! But there are some other scents in there that tone it down a bit. It's a very complex and beautiful oil. I am greatful to have gotten a little bit of it in a swap.
  15. Longstofly

    King of Spades

    There are so many smells in this bottle that it is hard to tell them all apart. Unfortunately it is a little too coconutty for my tastes.