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    Yeah, I KNOW, 100 Years Old?? :lol: Sometimes I feel that long lived...
    I never outgrew the bad boys, the summer nights, the feel of supple leather, the pounding heartbeat of Rock 'n Roll, and the smell of Essential oils, like Patchouli and Sandalwood. To this day, when I can get away, I speed off in my old convertible, and let the wind take my hair away from my wise eyes and just for a little while, the magic returns and I am the free and flying Goddess of all things electric and pulsing, the enigma that is just out of reach, but the essence of her surrounds and haunts. Warm flesh. tanned from the Sun, and wildly desired, smiling eyes, reddened lips and white teeth glistening in the twilight, ahhh, to have it all! all over again....and to make the same torrid decisions all over again....That is my interests.
    To live it all again, and make it last longer this time. To know sooner that all that is painful is not forever and will pass with time.
    I help the younger ones through the pain of growing to be an adult, and sometimes I even make a difference. But I always give everything I have for their sakes. Experience is the best although the most painful, instructor.
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  1. impadua@aol.com


    This is a warm, kind of sultry, wrap-itself-around-you scent. Not too strong, lasts a good long time on skin, and I bet it is going to get even better with age. Another Add to the top 10!
  2. impadua@aol.com

    The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

    I am no good at picking out separate notes usually, and this one is no exception. That said, I am so pleased with this scent! I had no such luck with any of the other Secret Amusements. But this, THIS has hit my all time top ten list of BPAL. It lasts so long on my skin, just lingering close, not screaming, kind of like a dream (!). I have never really had any luck with aquatics before either. This is remarkable. Excellent concoction!
  3. impadua@aol.com

    Love's Philosophy

    Darn! I wish I might have recieved one of the minty ones, because I am so disappointed in this scent. It sounded so good.....and just isn't. Not for me, anyway.
  4. impadua@aol.com

    Walk into a florist's shop, inhale deeply...

    I have been a florist for over 26 years, 15 of them in my own shop. I have never found a scent that smells like my shop, and I WISH I could, because it smells spicy, green, clean, flowery like a nice garden on a spring morning, sometimes cinnamon-y and piney during xmas, pumpkin-y and clove-y during fall. Personally I HATE just about all rose scents I have ever tried, BUT Whip smells closest to a good, fresh, out of the garden rose I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, since most commercially grown roses really have no scent. All of this is strictly IMO, of course. Best of luck in your quest. I would llke to sample your selection(s)!
  5. impadua@aol.com

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    YES! All Saints was one of the first scents I picked up, and it was sooo heavenly, "resinous and heady". So, I go all out and buy 2 from separate people, and all I am getting is that rose smell...... SO I sell them to other people, and I got accused of messing with the scent. I just wanted more of what I fell in love with....
  6. impadua@aol.com


    I don't get this, I smell Tea Tree Oil! Not a bad thing, just not expected. And dust. Dusty Tea Tree Oil. Off to the swap pile for you!
  7. impadua@aol.com


    I can't decide of I like this or not. It doesn't really have a very strong smell, but I do smell the acrid woody smell and a dark watery smell, kind of saturated, boggy, if that makes any sense. I will have to try this on another time and see if I can "yay" or "nay" it.
  8. impadua@aol.com


    >sigh< ...I keep trying scents with rose in it and I just don't get it. I figured the Lily of the Valley would work with the juicy pear and the musk and give me a wonderfully feminine scent. HA! Off to the sink I go to wash before the full rose scent hits me.
  9. impadua@aol.com

    The Lady of Shalott

    This scent is a very water-like scent that just flows. I can almost smell the Sea spray. Not a harsh scent in any way.....just gorgeous.
  10. impadua@aol.com

    Crypt Queen

    Bloody Sore, you wrote MY review! Dark evil fruit? Check. Peppery then floral? Check. Little old ladies never giving in to their age? Check. Creepy? BIIG Check. It has incredible staying power, and stays a little dark, evil, and creepy. Glad I got Mine! And I really love her sleeping quarters! I could use a couple more of those.
  11. impadua@aol.com


    I put this on for the first time yesterday, July 4th. I have had it for a while, just never had the inclination to use it. I remember sniffing it when I first got it about a year ago and was unimpressed. I think aging is a good thing for Ra. It smells amazing! Right out of the bottle, warm, citrusy, not like Phobos though. More red citrus if that makes any sense. And something spicy, but not the regular spicy. No cinnamon, sage, pepper, maybe ginger, I don't know. But for a change, I am liking an odd combo. Is that opium I smell in there? Something a little golden, a little creamy. Definitely not a sharp citrus. Definitely a different smell for me. But it fits the day, and it has excellent lasting power. It was 112 degrees here today, and I think Ra is the only Sun I am going to get close to for a few days. Definitely a keeper!
  12. impadua@aol.com

    Sea of Glass

    I just got this beauty from an Ebay purchase. Rolling the bottle in my hand to combine contents, opening the bottle. First sniff; Wow. Clean, clear, not ozone-y, has depth, kind of wet but not damp, more like a fresh breath of washed air. Nothing irritates or heightens emotions here. Very calm and soothing. Lets try it on. On skin; So clean and just washed smelling. I really can't identify anything in particular (not unusual for me), definitely aquatic, but not yucky like some other aquatics smell for me. It is light as in not strong, but long lasting and not powdery at all. It's a keeper!
  13. impadua@aol.com

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    I don't know about any scent befitting the Antichrist. That being said. I like this scent. It is in a 10ml bottle. I don't know how old it is. What comes to me first when I open it up is warmth, a little spicy, more masculine than feminine, something I could really cuddle up to applied to the right flesh. I smell the carnation, the vanilla, the musk and a little leather. No obvious sign of lavender, cedar or sage. On my skin, it is still very yum. Sexy, alluring, still warm and a little spicy. Stays on for quite awhile too. Definitely a top 20 scent. It's a keeper!
  14. impadua@aol.com

    Poisson d'Avril

    Lushlovely has it just about pinned. Wet on skin, I am cursing that I only have an imp. An hour later, not cursing as loudly, grumbling now. 2 hours later, grandma's perfume and aquanet? Say it ain't so! I have to say, however, that it gives me a warm feeling from grandma's scent. Maybe the imp will age well. I will hide it awhile and see.
  15. impadua@aol.com

    Taurus 2007

    Normally, anything with Rose as the first ingredient sets off a big "ruh row!". So I decided to just get a decant of this "just to try". After all, it IS named for the time frame I was born! What a pleasant surprise! I don't even smell any rose! Wet on skin; Mint is wonderfully apparent, I smell poppies, and thyme. Drydown; Still has mint, and all the other ones I smell when wet; now I smell white daisies too, and a sweetness, must be the apple blossom. I have never smelled a fresh violet that had a scent, nor a columbine, so I don't know about those, but the others I know well. Fresh, feminine, a clean floral, I wish I had a big bottle of this. Good Stuff, Beth!