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    BPAL, anime, manga, books, sci-fi, writing, drawing, card games (Kings Blood!), acting, music, video games(Okami, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire III, Lengend of Mana, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time), books, Neil Gaimen, Terry Prachett, (good) movies, and anything out of the ordinary (this includes ghosts, faeries, and the like). I also play the drums! <br /><br />Sleeping is good, too. I like to sleep. <br /><br />In short, pretty much everything.
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    I love Severin, Kitsune Tsuki, Kumiho, Two, Five and Seven, Rose Red, Gypsy Queen, Wanton, Skadi, Ultra Violet, Quincy Morris, Satyr, Night Gaunt, Yuki-Onna and Jezebel. My two favorite Voodoo oils are Wolf's Heart, and Waters of Notredame.


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    Capricorn, man. I'm also a Rooster; born under Water and the sign Yang. I was also born in the hours governed by the Dragon. Which makes for a very odd combination...:)
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  1. Shura

    The Snow Maiden

    This scent is just great! It reminds me very much of Skadi; if only a bit more sweeter. It defientely smells different than I expected it to (with the daffodil and all), but I'm actually rather pleased with it. It's a very sharp scent.
  2. Shura


    It's sweet. Like...sickly sweet. Plus cleaning fluid. >_< Nasty. I have to concur.
  3. Shura


    In the imp...all I smell is something like patchouli. However, on my skin, while there's still that patchouli smell, I get a lot of grassy and woody scent. ^^ And I must say, it smells nice. ::sniffs wrist::
  4. Shura


    In the bottle, it smelled of grape fruit. ^^ YUM. Wet; it smells like...grape fruit! YAY! Dry; It smells like...grape fruit and flowers. I think I can smell some of the kumquat, but either way, this is great smelling!
  5. Shura


    This really is wonderful, I like it a lot! In the Imp: It's smells like an old, faded vanilla. ^^ It reminds me of my grandmother, which is nice. Wet: Now, it smells like sage and vanilla. Ah, what a great scent. Dry: Still smells the same, but it's fading now. Ah, well, it's still very, very nice.
  6. Shura

    Water of Notre Dame

    To me, it smells like sweet flowers and water. Wearing this, it does make me feel much more calm, and mellow. ^^
  7. Shura

    Cheshire Cat

    In the imp: It smells sweet, and I can defiantly smell the grape fruit. Wet: Yep. That's grape fruit all right. Yay! Dry: ^___^ Still smells like grape fruit. I am a happy camper.
  8. Shura

    Wolf's Heart

    On me, it smells like flowers, water, and spices. And, I have to say, that it does make me feel safe, and more cofident. ^^ And it's right when it says it helps artists. I do a lot of art work, and I make sure to wear this when I start a project.
  9. Shura

    Empyreal Mist

    In the bottle: Soap. Nice smelling soap but...yeah, soap. Wearing: Okaay...not it smells like a soapy Kumiho... And, after a few seconds- poof. It's gone. Ahh, too bad.